Monday 26 November 2012

Soggy Cereal, Fictional Cigarettes, Duvet Days and Blogging

When Aaron got to the last two pieces of his cereal, he didn't want to eat them (because they were soggy), so I said "why don't you want them?" (what is it that makes me ask a question I already know the answer to = the equivalent of stabbing a dead bumblebee with a pen) anyway he said "I don't like it", and as he said it in such a wingy voice I imitated him except adding "either" at the end.

A new word
He was delighted = a NEW word, a 2.5 year old's absolute delight so then all I kept hearing was "I don't like it either!" except each time he said it, either was sounding less and less like either.

Swallowed a wasp
Oh I am in a funny mood this morning/afternoon.  I think I may just BE that bumblebee.

I need to snap out of it and get that spring in my step back, but today, it escapes me.  I just looked out the window and it is raining, oh joy, just what I always wanted. Rain.  The wet stuff! That wets you right through.

Today I think my moon and my sun signs must be colliding, or in retrograde, or something as I would quite happily spend today under a rock, not coming out until, until, until, frankly, I don't know what...

Closed for lunch
All I know is if I was a shop, my "closed" sign would be up, or optimistically, the one that says "gone for lunch" or maybe "back in 10 minutes" although it'd have to be a long ten minutes...

Duvet day
I think we all sometimes have days like this, well maybe not ALL of us, but enough to keep me company if we all had a party, but sometimes we don't blog about it, as the blog is the escape. Sometimes I literally put on a happy face to blog, like the writing equivalent of lighting a cigarette. No, I don't smoke.

I think 2 year olds, thank goodness, are ambivalent to our moods, as Aaron is as cheery as ever even though I am feeling and acting like the grinch right now.

Maybe I will snap out of it.  Maybe, tomorrow I will get out of the right side of the bed, but if I get out any other side than I did today, it will involve climbing over my husband...

Do you, whoever you are, reading this, ever have days like this? Been a few hours and aint no signs of snapping out of it so far. 


  1. I have days like these too. But from where I'm sitting I can see a tiny patch of blue sky!

    1. Thank God for God; I got to see one helluva a big blue sky in Folkestone on Sunday
      Liska xxx

  2. Of course, we all have days like this. Go back under the duvet and try again tomorrow. xxx

    1. Been a week now, and this deep sadness is still within me.
      Don't know what is in store.
      Liska x

  3. Days like this? I have weeks! Hugs to you and hope the last couple of days have been better xx

    1. Now, with it being over a week I can totally relate.
      LOVE that you went away for a weekend with your bloggy bestie :-)
      Liska xx


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