Tuesday 27 November 2012

Thank You All - #Healing4Kerry - captured on Storify

Something really special extraordinary happened on Saturday night.

We forgot about our own problems
We forgot about X factor
We forgot about the Ricky Hatton fight
We forgot about Strictly Come Dancing
We forgot about the Robbie Williams concert

and we focused on Kerry @MultipleMummy.

We tweeted for her
We wrote blog posts for her
We bought and ate chocolate for her
We came together as a united online community for her
We raised our spirits and our chocolate bars for her
We wished her well
We wished her a speedy recovery
We offered love and support to her immediate family and friends
We spoke to her family and friends who came online to join us
We explained to the people watching, why #Healing4Kerry was trending
We proudly stood tall and stayed up late whilst it all unfolded
We shared our memories and our photos of her
We talked about how very proud she'll be when she hears about this
We wished very loudly, that she will be at home with her family for Christmas
We watched Kerry's prayer several times and cried every time
We shared her prayer with anyone who would listen
We gathered up our audience, so that they joined in, whether they knew her or not,
We felt humbled, excited and in awe, in equal measure
We all opened up and voiced our belief in the power of positive thinking/prayer/hope/belief

In short, we rocked
And Kerry @MultipleMummy you rock too, and so does your very proud husband Nick @tractorboy1978 your sister, @LisaSeymour9, your sister in law Louise @amli256 and your friend @beautifulbtales.

Get yourself home darling.

And when you are back, and all of the Christmas presents are under the tree, and the kids are tucked up in bed, take a look at this, and discover, if you didn't know already, how much we all love you.

This is a storify, of the night that #Healing4Kerry trended for 2.75 hours. << link currently broken :-(

It doesn't seem to have captured everything - I keep getting to a point where it says "Twitter is not responding" but I will keep trying, in an endeavour to capture the whole story.

If anyone reading is an expert on Storify, please do get in touch.

If I get a better result from trying to curate/collate Saturday night, I will update the link above.

And for any readers, who didn't know this was going on, look at the 6 posts I have written about it, starting from this 17th November post onwards, but more importantly, go to this LINKY, where you can see the 112 posts, from the heart, that bloggers have written, to give their very best wishes to Kerry and her family.

Liska x


  1. Well done again Liska. Truly amazing what you started and I am very proud to have played a very small part. x

  2. This was a sterling effort that made me proud to be part of the UK blogging mums community. I hope to here good news from Kerry soon. Well done Liska and thank you. xxx

  3. You did the most wonderful job, I think all the blogosphere is grateful to you for bringing us together on the 24th for Kerry. Thank you!


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