Wednesday 28 November 2012

We Are One

The potato is connected to water.

Water is connected to the moon.

The moon is connected to the sun.

The sun is connected to us.

We are all connected to each other...

Why am I getting so deep on a Wednesday afternoon?

Well... Because... I went to the market today and spent £15 on fruit and veg and the trader told me we're facing the biggest potato shortage in 100 years.

In his 20 years in the trade he's never seen anything like it...

And it's because it was wet when they wanted to plant them...

Now I am sat in a cafe having lunch and the only reading material is a copy of The Sun where I am reading that the US once plotted to blow up the moon... But there were worries about its effect on tides... amongst other things.  Now that I am back home I have Googled it and it seems The Guardian wrote about the very same thing back in the year 2000, so I wonder why The Sun is writing about it today?

The moon yes does effect tides and as we are mostly water our moods and cycles are also effected...

It is a good time to talk about the moon with it being a full moon in Gemini today... 28th November 2012

So in the 28 days of the moon's cycle if you experience fluctuating moods you can balance this with kirtan kriya....

I should have told myself that when I wrote this bad mood blog post on Monday.  But then I haven't done any yoga since Aaron was born despite having been a teacher for 6 years....

I really need to step up to the mark... Today I dug out a jacket that is too tight. Don't get me wrong I am wearing it and it zips up... Just!!!

BUT I wore it till I was 6 months pregnant... it took being 6 months pregnant BEFORE it got tight.

So I am fatter now than I was when pregnant. I perish the thought.

I am going to be forty soon and do not want to be fat at forty :-(

So with that I spent £15 on fruit and veg today and am going to enthusiastically start juicing again.

Liska xxx


  1. You get back to your juicing girl! And if you have a few yoga exercises you could share I would do them with you - nothing too bendy though, I was thinking more meditative.

  2. Stay strong missus - I fear blogging has taken a toll on my weight - sitting down a lot and snacking is never good, plus I find as I get older weight tends to get harder to shift and easier to gain:(
    Last year I lost 3 stone, this year I have put it all back no and feel utterly crap about my body at the moment.
    We'll get there in the end though - veg is the best! x

  3. I know exactly what you mean only I don't have any historical commitment to excercise to fall back on as I battle with going up three dress sizes during pregnancy. Nor do I have a love of veg or fruit! Juicing sounds great. Enjoy de juice xx


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