Tuesday 11 December 2012

A Year in a Blog

So Top of the Pops style,
 I am going to look back on 2012 and pick a post that represents each month.

Each month below
will have a post (in yellow) and each post a pic (below)

Not everything about Covent Garden was fun for Aaron - bless him! Scary dog man!!!

It was COLD and I went out for the day to Covent Garden for a British Chiropractic Association event, got chatting to Wit Wit Woo, went to the park with her and her wonderful son, said goodbye and ended up in the London Transport Museum afterwards.  Really good day and proved to me that I can tackle London Transport with Aaron who was one and a half at the time.

Absolutely LOVES the red cars you can hire from Concierge!
Continuing the transport theme, we discovered that we can get to Westfield Stratford City VERY easily and that Aaron loves the red cars there that double up as a buggy and don't cost a king's ransom to hire.  This post regarding Westfield Stratford being child friendly has had over 1,000 visitors. The Olympics may have had something to do with it methinks.

March  The month where a professional film company made the above #WordsHeard You Tube video for me... The less said about the whole sorry affair that ran up to it, the better!  Over but not forgotten.
The month where my consumer power found a platform on Twitter and on my blog.  I used both to convince Bath Store and Crosswater to replace my taps AND install them free of charge via a plumber they provided and booked.  The inconvenience of a defective product, and being without running water as a result (with a nearly two year old), and my writing all of this, ringing them several times, and staying in while it was fixed was a high enough price to pay, my end.  It proved to me that we can use our online space to get satisfactory results when the big giants try to mess with our consumer rights! 
May  I turned to Twitter and the blog to express my dissatisfaction with Boris winning the London Mayoral election  - shocking!    
June  It would be completely remiss of me to pass over June without mentioning Aaron's birthday.  As the baptism party October 2011 was so very expensive, for his birthday June 2012 we took him to the zoo, to Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne and he simply loved it - we had a really good day.  To any parent reading, you don't always have to throw a party.  
July The highlight of July was definitely me being on @lbc973 (radio) and NOT via phone in, but by actually being invited into the studio, to talk about the Olympics no less! :-) The post all about it: Me on the Radio - New Mum Online - on LBC 97.3 
August August saw me achieving some fabulous daily page views (during the time I wasn't in Ireland) and I am glad to say I have maintained the 1,000 a day since (not every day, but the days that are more make up for the days that are less).  

This wasn't my most visited post but was my reaction to the Kate Middleton France "Closer" fiasco!  I liked Hello Magazine's coverage of her Diamond Jubilee Tour and in this post I flick through the magazine on a You Tube video if you would like to take a look.  Some truly beautiful photos that put the "cheap" ones in perspective.

A highlight of October is definitely me making a photo book for my Mum as her Christmas present.  She already has it as I could not resist.  It is 52 pages long and a large coffee table book.  The quality is stunning.  For us it is particularly poignant as she lives in Ireland, so this way she can look at pics of Aaron when she is not with him.  Incidentally if you have the time to dedicate to making one, this is what Blurb said in their most recent email to me:
Order by 13th December and not only will your gifts arrive in time for Christmas, but we’ll also give you 20%* savings with no minimum spend. Simply enter the promo code 2012SANTA at checkout before the shipping deadlines.

November was all about Mumsnet Blogfest 2012.  Their first conference.  It was great and this roundup post of Mumsnet Blogfest has seen me go on to win a 3 night stay at Feather Down Farm (not that I have heard from them yet).
  Post of the year As December is yet to come, I will take the liberty of doing a second post for November.  This was my post that kick started us all coming together for #Healing4Kerry On Saturday 24th November we trended for 2.75 hours on Twitter.  I still have hopes of her being at home with her family for Christmas.  Our collective spirit inspired Nick, Multiple Mummy's husband, to put together this post including a video compilation of photos of their life.  It easily ranks as my favourite post of the year and no matter how many times I watch the video it includes (below) I still cry:
So in case there is anyone else who feels ready to do a roundup of the year, I will make this a linky.   Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list...   Knock yourselves out :-) Liska xxx  

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