Wednesday 12 December 2012

Christmas? What Christmas!

For me, Christmas is spending time with my Mum.  I don't need Santa as long as I have my Mum.

Christmas Eve is me leaving work, running to Liverpool Street station at break-neck speed to get the Stansted Express to Stansted.  Depending on Ryanair's schedule my Mum often arrived at circa 1800... but sometimes earlier.  I was always the last one to leave the office with most people doing a half day (if at all) till say 1o'clock and the rest of them working from home (or really just being on the end of their BlackBerry) not necessarily at home.  Put it this way, if you rang them at 9 a.m. they didn't answer and if you rung at 10 a.m. you got a sleepy voice!

It wasn't Santa that came down my chimney, or if it was, my Mum always beat him to it.

The run up to Christmas is all about having the fridge and cupboard full, including Mum's favourites, and getting the flat to a standard that I can be proud of to have her walk through the door.   Also plotting and planning what I'll give her as a Christmas present and where I'll take her whilst she is here.  Christmas is staying up late watching movies, and then sleeping half the day.

No, before you start feeling sorry for me, no she has not passed away, she's just.... not coming.  She's staying in Ireland.

Yes, I am trying, trying my hardest to be Christmassy for Aaron.  The decorations were put up Monday, as per my The Gallery post, but my Christmas pulse is not beating, cos my Christmas heart is in Ireland, with my Mum.

I have tried my hardest to get her to change her mind, to no avail.

Thank God we are going to Folkestone for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as I think I would lose my mind if we stayed in London.

So I will keep myself warm by remembering previous Christmasses with  my Mum.  I'll see if I can do a little collage to make me feel all nostalgic.

The below are from Christmas 2007

Ah well, I don't drive so I'll have to toast her with a few drinks over Christmas and satisfy myself with phone calls.

But, luckily Aaron understands Christmas now, so hopefully being excited for him will see me through.

What's challenging your Christmassy feelings?

I think - hope - this post will be featured in a bah humbug Christmas Carnival that Mammasaurus is running tomorrow.

Liska xx


  1. Your mum looks amazing. I don't have that closeness with mine but we normally would go for Xmas. We're not going this year so the kids will miss out. On seeing their cousins

  2. Don't know why I bother trying to comment on
    N an iPad!

  3. Ahh Liska, so sorry she is not coming over. I hope you manage to have a fab Christmas with your boys. Mich x

  4. I must look into that Bah Humbug Christmas thing. And I bet you have a fabulous Christmas anyway. xxx

    1. Looks like you still have time judging by Mammasaurus's reply to you on Twitter xx

  5. Oh that's sad but I hope you can make the most of it with Aaron. Sending you love x

  6. Oh dear, it's sad not to be with the ones you love at Christmas but I'm sure you'll make up for it somehow. I won't be with my older kids Christmas Day but will be up to see them on the 27th for 'second Christmas' where we get to do it all again but together!

    Chin up xx


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