Thursday 13 December 2012

You Impact Me and I Impact You

Call it what you want...
what goes around comes around
ripple effect
etc, etc, etc...

But we are all interconnected or to be more spiritual, we are one.

Yesterday my coffee seller really upset me.  I decided to open up and blog about it.  The people who commented told me to go back today.  When I read their comments, I was like "no way!"

BUT, the power of suggestion really really works with me, and the fact that they'd said it stayed in my subconscious and I found myself there today, standing in front of my coffee man.

He was REALLY happy to see me and said he'd been upset all day yesterday and felt so bad he'd told his wife about it.  He knew he'd never be able to apologise as he knew I wouldn't come back, and he was gutted.  So I admitted to him, that it was me blogging about it, and readers giving me a reality check that got me back there, and he was so delighted to hear it, he got me to read him the blog post.

It taught me that not only are we all connected, but our offline and online lives can be connected to.

It set me off to a lot of thinking so I remembered a movie that explored the massive effects we can have on each other, as humans.  I came home from the walk to nursery, coffee in hand and my husband reminded me that it is called Babel.

Then separate to that we were discussing my Sister-in-Law and my cousin, both of whom I don't speak to anymore, and I said I would like to make amends, to which he said it sounds like "My name is Liska" to which I said "eh?" and he told me about a TV show called "My Name is Earl" that I had genuinely NEVER heard of.

Also this morning, Aaron and I walked across a set of footprints.  I tried to tread them, but they were clearly a man's due to the size of each footprint, and I struggled to step in his steps, as his stride is so long, and I couldn't do it after a while.  That had me thinking too.  I was thinking on the one hand, that he has left a mark on the world, and here I am following his steps.  On the other hand, I thought yes, I can "walk in his shoes" but I can't really, as I am not him, I could not do that stride for more than a few footsteps.

So what marks do we make on the world and are they permanent or will a thaw or some rain make them disappear like those steps in the frost.  It's not snow like last week, it's just frost that looks like snow as it is covering each and every blade of grass.

I could feel a blog post in this, so I took a photo at the time.  Aaron was quite far behind me and this is how it looked.  Quite poetic I feel:

As you can see, we weren't just walking in someone's footsteps, they'd also left a buggy wheels trail too.  They'd obviously also done nursery drop off, but earlier in the morning than me - yes we were late!

So it's set me to thinking about the people in my life that I would like to clear things up with before 2012 comes to a close.  Forgive my self indulgence while I do a little list.  It's complete fantasy as with a couple of them it just won't happen, but no harm brainstorming.  After all, I had a huge falling out (at two different times) with my Mum and Dad, and I am as close as ever with them both now.  So making up is indeed possible...

So there's my cousin (who used to be like my older sister), my Sister-in-Law (who used to be like my younger sister), my old boss (who was like a best mate), an old colleague (who was like a wise old owl/Mum), another old colleague (who was like a sounding board/best mate) and an Aunt (who was like a second Mum).  Yes, I am very very good at burning bridges, but there you go.  I am today 13/12/12 admitting it.  Oh and no, I do not believe that 13 is unlucky.  Do some research.  13 is actually a divine feminine number, with Goddess energy, but that is a whole other topic, which could have a blog post of its own.

And I am now waving a white flag.  I would insert one here, but in case you haven't noticed I tend to personally take the photos I imbed here, and am not really a fan of stock images and I aint got a white flag to hand right about now, sorry.

Anyway, peace, light and love to all.  Know you are in my thoughts.

AFTER writing the above I just read this below (source:

Mercury into Sagittarius - 12-31 December

With Mercury in Sagittarius we will see an increase in blunt speech and truth seeking. The purging and purifying fire of Sagittarius takes no prisoners. This will be a deeply healing time for anyone who can be honest with themselves and realize that their thoughts create their reality. Burning out any toxic beliefs and attitudes during this phase will clear the way for a more integral way of living to emerge.

Lots of love,

Liska xxx
The Circle of Life (Lion King version) is humming in my mind right now...


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    1. Got this on email earlier but then I had to go and collect Aaron from nursery. Just back to reply and it's been removed :-( xxx

    2. Sorry, when I looked it had posted my comment twice so I deleted one. Looks like Blogger decided to delete them both!!

      I just wanted to say well done for going back and good luck with righting your wrongs and all that.

      Yo should look out My Name is Earl, it's hilarious. We used to watch it all the time, I kind of miss it! x

    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Commented on other blog post. I love seeing your spirituality shine through, find it SO inspiring!

  2. Funny I found out tonight that the footsteps we'd followed this morning were actually my friend's. A father with a girl in the same room as Aaron at nursery. It's like 6 degrees of separation ha ha x

  3. Darling you're getting more and more spiritual on here and people like it. I still feel - strongly - think you should keep it as your spiritual blog. It's lovely that you're baring your soul on here and it's appropriate already knowing who you are here. It give it authenticity and more credibility somehow? And yes, everything affects everything. XXX


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