Monday 10 December 2012

I've got my Vitamix Back In Action

I am a BIG Vitamix fan.  I've had one since 2007 or 8 and it makes great soups and smoothies. 

I bought mine at the Vitality Show.  Because it cost me £399 I did not take the decision lightly and spent about an hour and a half at the stand watching about 8 different demos.  It saved me between £8 and £12 right there and then as I did not need to buy lunch or snacks as I sampled soup, ice cream, smoothies, frappuccino, and untold other things... very delicious... very nutritious and very filling. 

Back then I used to regularly buy frappuccinos at Starbucks and as they used to cost me about £3.50 a pop, I figured I'd get my money back relatively quickly.  Anyway I pondered it for quite some time, weighed it up against the cost of Innocent Smoothies and made my purchase.

I used it a lot and even more so when I brought it into work and my Managing Director made me soup every day.  But I did not take it home for my maternity leave and got completely out of the habit of using it.

Fast forward to 2010 and I popped into work during my maternity leave and decided to bring it home.  I used it once and then left it in the corner of the kitchen.

The next bit is rather embarrassing to say the least.  I left it dirty in the corner of the kitchen, and due to post natal depression that was where it stayed, like a dirty secret.  It was slightly out of sight down the side of the microwave.  Sometimes I'd barely have chance to wash the dishes, as I used to spend HOURS on the sofa breastfeeding Aaron, let alone do a big clear out.  Whenever I spied it, I couldn't face dealing with it as it looked black inside.  It represented all I wanted to avoid in life - it became symbolic.

Anyway roll on to Brit Mums Live 2012 and there was a Vitamix chap there (same one as Vitality) doing great demos, and again I stood and sampled lots of them, feeling embarrassed that I have never used mine to make ice cream. 

Vitamix at Britmums Live 2012
I got chatting to the Marketing Lady and admitted to the state of my jug, confession style.  I said that thanks to the vaccuum the lid makes, it didn't go mouldy - only black :0

She offered to send me a replacement and it finally arrived only last week.  At first I was disappointed as it was a 32oz jug instead of a 64 oz, but then I decided to class it as an addition instead of a replacement, like a brother for my current one :-)

So I opened the lid with trepidation.  The residue in there smelled like soil, kinda peaty like - eeewwww.

I washed it thoroughly.

I soaked it in Milton twice.

It was then sparklier than ever!  I was pleased.  Again it was symbolic; maybe I, like my jug, can scrub up well :-)

And now, I can use my juicer AND my Vitamix, meaning I have the flexibility to make juices AND smoothies.  Very excited.

My energy is at an all time low and I was to lose weight and get slim before the big 4 0.  So now it is time to get juicing.

So last week I got out my recipe book and inserted the following into my Vitamix:
  • 2 peeled oranges
  • 2 large slices of fresh pineapple
  • An apple
  • 3 cups of cold water (I did not have ice)
  • 1 banana
  • A dessert spoon of honey
Absolutely delicious.

So now I have two jugs which means I can use the small one when I just want to make something for Aaron and I.

Here's the juice I described above:

As you can see it makes loads, and is a lovely refreshing frothy smoothie.

Love it. 

Love that me and my Vitamix are back in action. Now I am on the lookout for more healthy Vitamix recipes, as I want to start using it more often.

Liska xx


  1. Things are looking up! And looking healthy. Go girl!

  2. Good for you Liska. When you get going, you really do and then it works like a dam principle, the more energy you have, the more you will release. Am looking enviously on wondering where my juicer is. I used to have a thing about carrot, apple and ginger X


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