Monday 10 December 2012

Teen at Two

Aaron often says and does things that give me an insight into what he might be like as a teenager.

Normally when he watches TV he is either on my knee or playing with his toys with the TV merely providing background music.  We have a large DVD collection because he got bored with C Beebies but ironically, as things in life go full circle, we are now back to watching C Beebies as he is bored with the DVDs.

I can't remember what he was watching the other day when I caught him looking like THIS (I wish I could remember - I know it captivated him as it was something he'd not seen before):

I know pic looks muted as if I have used effects, but no, I genuinely haven't.  It's just because I used no flash, that's how it came out, all warm and cosy looking :-)

We've had a Jungle Junction pig for a year or two - I think it dates back to Christmas in July 2011 or Cybermummy 2011 (a goodie bag freebie).  Anyway we have NEVER watched the show, so imagine Aaron's excitement when we turned over - channel hopping - to a Disney channel the other day.

Aaron was captivated holding his piggy in his hand while he also watched him on TV.  It was so cute to watch his surprise and pleasure....

Liska xx

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