Monday 3 December 2012

Oh I Do Love To Be Beside The Sea

Aaron and I decided to get away from it all, and we went to Folkestone for the weekend.

Aaron was so brave and not at all phased by the sea - he stood RIGHT at its edge throwing pebbles in, despite the current being really rough. The water was nearly lapping at his toes and it did not bother him in the slightest. He absolutely LOVED it and wasn't even looking round to see if I was nearby. I think he could have done that for hours.

So the weekend away did both of us a lot of good. Lovely sea air.

He got to ride along the Leas on his scooter which Mummy did a labour of love to take there on public transport.

The Leas is SO unspoilt, that it could have been the 1930s. It felt like we were in a corner of the world that nobody knows about. The stretch of The Leas by the Grand and the Metropole - old Folkestone hotels that are now residential. The history of that stretch is so interesting.

We got to have a late breakfast in a cafe on the sea front on Sunday morning.  Aaron climbed on a fab adventure playground and on a pirate ship.

On the way back up from the sea there's fab caves to look in - he loved that so much. He literally loved being by the sea, and now keeps talking about the seaside. My friend from University lives there, and once he said there's now a fast HIGH SPEED rail link from Kings Cross to there it was a no brainer. It took us only 38 minutes to be in Ashford. It actually took LONGER going from home to Kings Cross than it did to get to Kent.

Here's some photos of our fab weekend

The clouds above were on the Saturday - as you'll see from my Gallery post it was a clear blue sky on Sunday!

There's some info about where we were here (it mentions the playground and the zig zag path we went down to get to it - it really is fab).  This is in no way a sponsored post - Aaron and I went there to see my friend from Uni and his Mum and Dad.

More pics here as the ones in the collage are so small:

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  1. I love the sea in the winter - so atmospheric. And what a fantastic playground!


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