Wednesday 5 December 2012

Staying Sane and Getting Groovy

My Button I am joining Kate on Thin Ice this week.

I got away from it all and went to Folkestone for the weekend with Aaron, but after fab views, fab food, fab weather, fab sea air, etc... it was REALLY hard coming home.

Sunday night, Monday and Monday night, I really felt my grasp on "this life" weaken.  I felt like I was going stir crazy.  In fact at Stratford Station on the way home, I REALLY lost the plot!

I got up at 6 a.m. Tuesday, which is REALLY early for me, and got Aaron up at 6:45 a.m.

He had to be at nursery for 8 a.m. as I had managed to secure a DAY'S work at Cambridge - actually not even a day: 12-5 p.m.  After having been out of work for 5 long months.

So after dropping him at nursery on foot - we left at 07:40 but with hindsight should have left home at 07:30 - I then had to get back and get all of the laundry to take it to the laundrette to be dried (we don't have space for a tumble dryer).  The husband made clear that I should show my ability to be organised by fitting in drying it between nursery drop-off and Cambridge.  I rose to the challenge! He was in bed when we left for nursery and he was still in bed when I left for cambridge, having dried the washing successfully.  I then made a hectic dash to the train station and arrived in Cambridge in good time.

The minute I arrived there, I felt sane again.  It was like arriving in a movie set.  Places like Cambridge really are a world away.

The "job" I'd been booked for finished at 15:30 instead of 17:00 and I wandered down the street towards the station.  None of the shops appealed to me until I saw a Christian Bookshop.

Now my yoga beliefs mean more to me than my Catholic ones, but my Catholic beliefs I guess run deeper so I was drawn in and went with it.  I went with the flow and what felt right.

Ended up spending an hour in there, in a really relaxed mood and spent £23 on books - some for Aaron and one for me.  I got him some gorgeous ones about the real meaning of CHRISTmas!

The train I got home ended up being a "stopping"' train so I had plenty of time to read on the way back, with a delicious Chai Steamer in my hand.

I felt more and more sane as the train chugged along.

As there was no guarantee I'd get back in time, the husband had collected Aaron and taken him to his Mum's. Which we had planned in advance.

So, upon arriving home, I decided, instead of tackling a LONG list of things I needed to do on computer, instead I would tackle an area of the bedroom that had been bothering me.

Now, not only have I not done any yoga since Aaron was born, 29 long months ago, I also haven't been listening to my yoga CDs, which quite frankly is a crime when they can lift one's spirits and the energy so much.

So I played a Snatam Kaur CD (on repeat): "Mother's Blessing" which is the same CD I had listened to in labour.
  1. I straightened up my knickers drawer.
  2. I straightened up my sock drawer.
  3. I put away *neatly* all the laundry I had dried in the morning.
  4. I unpacked all of our luggage from the weekend in Folkestone.
  5. I tidied the corner of the bedroom that had been bothering me.
  6. All the while I listened to the CD and the atmosphere in the room and within me LIFTED.
  7. As a deserved treat I then watched Eastenders - my usual mistake is my treats don't feel deserved.  When they are not, and you know it, you don't *really* enjoy it!
  8. I enjoyed the evening and felt sane calm and relaxed and like me!
  9. Listening to the mantras and the music elevated and transported me!
So, I need to get OUT of the hole I am in, and get WHOLE instead.

So for the first time, I am finally joining in with Kate at Groovy Mums - you can too!

So, if you know tidy drawers rock your world, then get tidying.  It was lovely to see this as a result:

Bye for now, Liska xx


  1. Love lots of things today.
    1. That you are now officially a Groovy Mum
    2. That you have had Cambridge work its magic on you. I love the place, best 3 years at college there and my touchstone still.
    3. Can imagine you mulling over books too and it is a wonderful image.
    4. I love how you have taken your own individual spin on getting your groove back which is what the blog hop is all about.
    5. Why don't we allow ourselves things like music and treats more often? It does us so much good.

    1. Your lovely long comment means a lot thank you

  2. Love your post. I can understand how tidying up a little corner can really get whole of oneself!

  3. Liska that is such a good idea about listening to the yoga CD at the same time as sorting/tidying. I am going to try that too thanks x


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