Thursday 6 December 2012

The Work Xmas Party - or NOT

I watched "Lorraine" on TV this morning and there was a big section about Xmas party dresses and heels etc...

During the course of my career I have been to MANY amazing Xmas parties, but I think last year the writing was already on the wall with my employer so we did not have one in 2011 and the company had gone into liquidation by July.

I had to make 14 people redundant in December last year - it was horrific. For the first time ever my husband put up the tree and the decorations and I only bought Aaron's gifts on 23rd December. I don't think I sent any cards to Ireland.

So different to the year before when I'd had proper ones done on Moonpig with Aaron in a Santa costume, that I was organised enough to get printed in November.

Xmas 2010

This year is not looking much better than 2011, as I am in a bit of a rut.

But watching Lorraine just now made me reflect. Xmas 2010 I was on maternity leave but I still went in for the work Xmas party, which turned out to be my last one for a while (none in 2011 or 2012). The atmosphere was STRANGE and I did not feel included as they had taken on SO many new people while I'd been off, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Found myself having to be introduced to lots of people. Senior Management were also acting odd (and arrogant) - I think they thought they'd nailed it, in terms of building a successful team, but I could already see the cracks of what was later to come - I should have acted on it then.

Here's a pic of me rocking a black dress after the work Xmas party in 2010 but as I'd already left the party at this point I have my trusty boots on :-)

I'd rung home at 11 or 12 and asked if everything was okay.  My friend Sandra was baby sitting with my Mum.  As they said everything was fine, I didn't get home till 2 a.m.  When I got home they admitted that Aaron had been crying for HOURS. He was so happy I was no home he kept me up till 4 a.m.  I think THAT was one of the reasons my husband and I have never had a date night and got someone to mind Aaron, as that night really traumatised me.  I didn't like to think of me out enjoying myself whilst my precious boy cried.  I actually wish they'd told me the truth when I phoned up as I would have come home a whole 2 hours sooner.

Anyway, isn't it funny the way watching something on TV can set you off down memory lane...  I hadn't planned on writing this post today.

In fact I have a queue of about 6 blog posts I need to write.

Bye for now,
Liska xx

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  1. Aaron looks gorgeous in his Santa Costume 2010! Don't be so hard on yourself Liska about being in a rut - really hope work isn't making you too miserable! It's not worth it. Big hug xxx


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