Saturday 8 December 2012

TGI Friday for Two Year Olds

Friday 23rd November I met up with my friend and her little boy, also 2 years' old like Aaron.

We met up half way between where we both live (they go to nursery together) and travelled together on public transport to the nearest soft play area.

We had a lovely lunch and the boys really enjoyed climbing and playing.

I didn't blog about it before now for some reason.

Anyway as we headed out of soft play to the bus stop, my friend suggested that we go somewhere for dessert.

We ended up in TGI Fridays.

The good news is that the sundae is THE BEST I have EVER tasted. It was £3.99 I think, and despite Aaron climbing on the furniture I just HAD to finish it - yummy!!!!!

My friend laughed until the tears streamed down her face and she was doubled over, watching our two boys running around instead of staying in their seats.

There wasn't many people in the restaurant THANK GOD, and the waitress in charge of our table was VERY sympathetic giving us colouring in books and balloons etc...

I felt very welcomed.  Except that there was a customer at the table nearest to us who WAS very disapproving, regularly giving us looks of disgust at them not staying in their seats.

But when I show you below what the walls looked like, you can kind of understand why they wanted to roam and investigate.

Plus how does a 2 year old know that the rules are different to the soft play area we have just come from LOL :-)

And the Superman below... Aaron had great fun moving his arms and legs as it is a 3D picture.

TGI Friday fun!
Bye for now
Liska xx

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