Saturday 8 December 2012

Christmas Cake as a Gift - straight to the letterbox!

I recently discovered an amazing cake company via Twitter.  I did not believe them that they could post me a letter box cake without it getting damaged in the post, but that they did.

I had a lot to choose from on their fab website and I chose this Christmas Cake

We were very excited when it arrived.  It comes in a beautiful keepsake metal tin like this
(actually that was in a white cardboard box - which I did not take a photo of):

The Bakerdays sticker is easy peel, so you really can keep the tin, which I will.

It then has this little piece of paper, as below, to give you instructions and in order to help lift it out.  You need that as it is so snug in the tin (to prevent movement) that it works perfectly.

Pop it out and it looks like this.  You can see by my hand, the size of it.  It is enough for 4-5 pieces, as they also admit on their website.  Aaron and I spread it over a few days, so as to really maximize the enjoyment.  What I would say is it is quite shallow, not your ordinary deep cake, but this is them being mindful of it fitting in the letterbox rather than their baker being stingy LOL! :-)

One thing that I did find funny, which I didn't notice till today writing this post, is that when I chose the above cake, I chose it with the wording on their website (as below), and just said please change it to Aaron and Mummy & Daddy, but they took me at my word and just used the words I used (as per my photos).  So I would say, be explicit about the wording you want.  So I should basically have typed up what is on their website, inserting Aaron and Mummy & Daddy, myself, in the appropriate places.  So below are the words I ought to have typed up, in my email, changing Aiden to Aaron and Aunty Jill etc... to Mummy & Daddy...


This is a better photo of our cake, in daylight:

It was Aaron's name that we saved till last - more precious than the picture of Santa.

This is a sponsored post but only in the sense that the cake was complimentary.  I am not obliged to write anything and nor was I paid to do so.

I would highly recommend this as a personalised gift for someone you will be unable to see this Christmas.  At £14.99 I think it is quite reasonable.  They'll also get the same thrill and excitement of thinking "What!" "Cake, through the post, never!"

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