Saturday 22 December 2012

When Did Xmas Become About Laundry?

I don't remember Christmas ever being about the laundry, but yesterday I decided I did not want to be doing any during Christmas, and that meant doing 4 loads of washing yesterday.  

It is hardly drying weather, in fact this is the wettest Christmas I can remember - today is the 4th day in a row of heavy rain.  Thanks to Daddy, Aaron and I had to walk home from nursery in the rain on Wednesday evening, and my jeans were wet up to the knees.  I don't think I will ever forgive him for that.  We had a similar, but not quite as bad, experience on the way in, Thursday morning.

We live in a flat which does not have space for a tumble dryer, so off I went, with an Ikea bag bursting at the seams, to the laundrette.  Now Aaron hasn't used the buggy for MONTHS.  He walks or scoots everywhere, but sure enough on the way to the laundrette he decides he wants to compete with the Ikea bag and get in the buggy.  I cajoled, I tried everything, but he wasn't having it, so you are not going to believe what I did, and I WISH I had taken a photo, but I sat him up on top of the Ikea bag.  We literally looked like.... well I will let you use your imagination.

Anyway, this was Aaron, while I read the paper, while 4 loads went round and round in ONE industrial sized tumble dryer and it only cost £2. 

This isn't news to me, I have been doing it for 2 Winters now.  And as we had such a wet Summer I was actually in there during the Summer too, unlike last year where I used the clothes line (rotary dryer) for 7 months - such different Summers.  And all his stuff went on the line in 2010 too, the year he was born.  I did a blog post I think, showing all his smalls on the line :-)

Anyway, it is LOVELY!  Because if you fold the items straight out of the hot tumble dryer.  Fold them nicely as if they are about to go on sale, they do not need ironing.

So, yes, hubby HATES me going to the laundrette and thinks it is shameful, but I would much rather fling it all in, FOUR loads in ONE dryer, then fold it all, and when home put it all away and JOB DONE.  Rather that, than what hubby would do, which is have it all on airers round the flat.  You know, even with heating on, the stuff is quite often NOT completely bone dry and I can't bear the flat looking like Widow Twankey's house.

It is very pleasing to me to look at mine and Aaron's wardrobe and see it full.  That pleases me more, than the panic I SHOULD feel that we have SEVEN children to buy Santa for today 22nd December - yes we have not at all been on top of Xmas shopping.  Would you believe we haven't done the food yet either.

So when people have been discussing wrapping presents, I was like wrap what?  I hadn't bought anything yet!

Aaron's main present was delivered by courier yesterday.  Yes I took it right to the wire, and ordered this train set from Play Merrily on 20th December - their last day for Xmas orders - and as promised it arrived yesterday.  PHEW!!!!!
 So back to yesterday, yes, on my special 21st December, that I have looked forward to for 20 years, I was in the laundrette.  

At 11:11 when I should have been meditating, I was giving Aaron a bath.

It seems for me, it is all about water at the moment, but then water does represent emotions.  RE: emotions, yesterday I felt angry all day.  I contacted my Aunt in Ireland, who got me into spirituality in the very early 90s and she sent me this reply:
In reply to ur text some people are experiencing unpleasant reactions to the new energies. Some are aching all over & others are having strong emotional upheavels. 
The new energies are coming in since wednesday and are very powerful and are stirring up unhealed & unexpressed stuff. Simple as that. Anything unsorted is surfacing to be released so we can carry more light. Not always easy but necessary. Its part of us moving into the higher dimensions.
The baggage has to go.

So if u have any issues that haven't been dealt with, they have to come out.

I've spent the day with a group of friends meditating in Knock & we had a very powerful day. Lots of lovely energies poured in on us.

But when i got up today i felt nausea & i did my Violet Flame mantra & it cleared. I knew it was just  'stuff'  surfacing.

"I Am a being of Violet Fire, I Am the purity God desires". Google it if u want more info.

Lots of love & blessings to u at this sacred winter solstice.

J  x
Funny, she mentioned aching all over, that was how I was on 20th and in fact 21st too.  Like I had a flu or something, when I haven't


  1. I had to laugh about the no laundry over Christmas as we do not use electrical appliances on Saturdays (ok I do as you've seen me online but in theory...) or on Jewish festivals, every friday afternoon in our house was a rush to get all the laundry done. Also before all holidays we have to factor in finishing the laundry as well as cooking and cleaning. It's great when it's done though isn't it?

    Regarding having to walk home from nursery. What happened to the driving lessons you were going to take whilst in between jobs? #friendlynudge

    Wishing you and all your family a very merry Christmas and lots of love. Rachel xxx

  2. I LOVE the laundry, our washing machine broke down a few years ago and I sed to love sitting in there.......

    Never thought to dry clothes there, we do have a dryer but I end up drying then leaving in there for it to get crushed!


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