Tuesday 29 January 2013

It's The Silly Season

Disclaimer, don't be offended if you are silly - I mean no offence.

So, we are now in awards silly season. The parent blogging version of the Oscars or the Baftas...

It's not for me really so I won't be displaying the badge that is a prerequisite of being nominated, so please save your nomination for someone else.  Not saying I fit into any of the categories anyway, but like I say, not for me.  May have been, once, back in the day, but I have gone full circle, back to where I began, after the rollercoaster of caring about such things.

I totally respect the fact that it is the highlight of some people's year.  Horses for courses, just not this here horse.

So, I will instead display this badge, which I nicked from this post, over at the Lazy Girl's Guide To Life.

Anyway, I MUCH prefer these categories over at Tattooed Mummy - they rock don't they!

So, if the BIBs has any categories that ROCK, don't be surprised if I do a completely contradictory VOTE for ME post in a few weeks/months.

After all, every girl has the right to change her mind, no? ;-)

Liska xx

1 comment:

  1. :)
    The bibs are the right way to do it, a giggle, not taken serious or as life changing. I don't mind it if its like that.
    Glad its struck a cord with so many likeminded bloggers


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