Wednesday 30 January 2013

Wobbles Wednesday


I am linking up with Naked Mum, to let you know what I am doing about my wobbles.  I have been meaning to link up with this #WobblesWednesday for weeks.

My story:

Well, basically, at the end of the Summer I got an all singing all dancing JUICER, and I was juicing with Aaron everyday.  I went to a birthday party and was fitting into tight jeans and a tight shirt.  I'd gone from size 18 to 16 and things were looking goooood, and energy levels were up (that final point is really significant when you have a highly energetic active two year old).

Anyway, I then won a biscuit barrel in a Twitter competition (or party as they like to call them) and I ate all of the 5 packets myself and didn't really look back.  I went into a Winter Wonderland of eating, lounging and low energy levels.

Well now, enough is enough, so over on my other blog I have laid down the gauntlet for people to join me on a 40 day challenge starting 4th February 2013.  The initial post is here, and the follow up post with some pre-start homework is here.

I have promised myself to have a Spring in my step for Spring.

If you want to join me, I will be vlogging everyday, and giving you examples of meditations, mantras, or breathing techniques that I am using.

It will be a 40 day journey where we are radiant beings by the end of it.

Liska xx


  1. Have also joined in with #WobblesWednesday & looking forward to hopping over to find out more about your 40 day challenge.

    Good luck!

  2. your 40 day challenge sounds interesting, i will pop over and have a look..xx

  3. Well done for hopping back on the fuet wagon. Will check out yout 40 day challenge

  4. 40 day challenge...I must have a nosy

  5. I was the same after a 4 stone last year i spent most of December eating whatever i liked and doing very little. Glad your back on it now :-)

  6. Good luck! I'm on a similar mission myself!

  7. Best of luck Liska - loving your approach with the Vlogs!


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