Sunday 6 January 2013

#PAPS - Pimp a Post Sunday

#PAPS is all about giving credit to another blogger. Widening the reading field of others, by allowing them to know about a blog post you have loved this week.

#PAPS is hosted by Super Amazing Mum whose blog name is very accurate.

I am honoured and humbled that she has papped me this week. But how could you not, when my post was all about the legend that is Kerry, our beautiful memorable Multiple Mummy.

It is no coincidence that I would also like to PAP a post about Kerry.

My biggest wish is that she inspires us. Causes us to make a change in our lives. A change that brings us closer to her. A change that improves the lives of our children. Then she really can be a Multiple Mummy of all children, heavenly so. She can be the Guardian Angel of the children of the blogging world.

Each time we stop and think, or pray, she will smile down on us.

So the post that proved to me, that she is and will have this effect on people is this one by Cafe Bebe. I hope to see more posts in the coming days, weeks and months, that show that Kerry lives on, in people's minds, hearts and blogs.

She was a blogger like no other, as her Thanksgiving Service proved. Her family almost had to put their grief to one side, to be the representatives of her, they knew she would want them to be. They smiled and laughed on ocassion, as how could they not, with the catalogue of memories she has left them.

Include her babies and family in your prayers. They need to know they are not alone, especially when the crowds move on.

So over to Cafe Bebe for this post which I am giving my #PAPS to:
It is aptly called Kerry in Our Hearts in line with the hashtag I set up for 4th January 2013.

Liska xxx


  1. Another beautiful post Liska. You may want to go and see what my lovely Tamsyn has written about Kerry which has totally changed her life and that of her children and husband Alex who suffered the same thing as Kerry back in October 2011.

    Love S.A.M xxx

    1. You mean this one:

      Yes it is truly beautiful.

      Liska xxx

  2. Liska, thank you so much for your comments and recommendations. And thank you for representing the blogging community so well and organising all of us so that we could take part in Kerry's service from afar. Kerry was such an amazing woman whom we all loved. It's a loss that has affected me a lot and has changed the way that I am approaching life and blogging going forward. How sad that we have to miss Kerry from our lives but I know we'll all reserve a place in our hearts for her. Much love and hugs to you lovely xx.



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