Monday 7 January 2013

2013... don't be afraid 13 (THIRTEEN) is NOT unlucky

It saddens me a great deal that SO many people think 13 is unlucky, when quite frankly it is not; far from it!

And you know, you think it is unlucky for a reason. It is one big cover up and conspiracy that you think it so.

It is all to do with the fact that for over 2,000 years we have lived in a patriarchal society and 13 is a FEMININE number, that harnesses Goddess energy....

Okay, I have mentioned the Goddess word and now I have lost half my readers. Ah well, twas nice knowing you.

For those of you who are left, here is the deal...

It may just be that there are actually 13 zodiac signs. I first came across this possibility when visiting an Abbey. There was beautiful artwork, but it was for 13 signs.

A quick Google takes you to this... I haven't made up my mind yet, but it kind of rings true. I have been with my husband for 24 years and he is always telling me I am more of a Capricorn than an Aquarius and if there are 13 signs, then that is what I change to being......... hmmm food for thought.

Also, there are really 13 months in the year. The moon moves in 28 day cycles, which would divide the year into 13 periods. I'd say the Chinese are more in harmony with this than us.

And hey that word, periods!??!?! Yes, our periods move in approximately 28 day cycles.

That is one of the reasons that in spiritual realms we always associate the sun with masculine energy and the moon with feminine energy.

So in spiritual circles your period is often referred to as your Moon time.

The world really is made up of opposites. Man and woman. Light and dark. Sun and moon.

Even with breathing; breathing in through the left nostril brings in cooling lunar energy and breathing in through the right nostril brings in warming sun energy.

So no coincidence that one should be done in the evening and the other in the morning OR one should be done to cool you if you are overheated (in any way either physically or emotionally) and the other to warm you up.

But, yes, 2013 is not unlucky, and neither is 13.

Get in touch with the feminine, and ignore all of the unlucky 13 crap!

The Chinese don't believe 13 is unlucky and neither do I.

As this is such a brief blog post I will leave you with lots of information on the femininity of 13 here.

Give 13 and 2013 a hug today and take yourself away from negative thoughts.... don't believe the hype!


  1. In the Tarot 13 is the card of death (I think, but can't be sure) and it has always been emphasised that this is a new beginning, just death of the old stuff to make way for it. I like the word 'Goddess.' XX


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