Thursday 10 January 2013

The Next Big Thing

Quite some time ago Anya Harris wrote a blog post called The Next Big Thing and tagged me in it.  I was not in a position to respond until now.

Well now I am.  I owned a domain URL when Anya wrote that post, but I sat on it for months like a Mother Chicken trying to lay an egg.  I even already owned it weeks before when we spent a lot of time together at Mumsnet Blogfest.  We decided that day that we would mentor each other to make sure we both got on with it.

A few weeks ago I had my tarrot cards read, by Astro Zo (who I cannot recommend highly enough) and she advised as to what I should be doing, and I said "but I have sat on this domain for months" - I was trying to suggest that perhaps I was lazy and couldn't move forward for procrastinating but she gave me the compliment of suggesting that the domain name wasn't right. Like a counsellor more than a mystic she got out of me what my main reservations were.

I was in a bad mood after the reading (it was over an hour via Skype).  I'd wanted to skip through the daisies on that call, and instead it was a bit of a motivational call, but at first I felt like I'd done press ups, and like with exercise, didn't see the progress made, until a couple of days later, when the clouds lifted and BOOM the RIGHT domain name hit me.  It was at night and I had enough self discipline to go to sleep and buy the domains in the morning.  I did not think they could possibly be available (dot com or dot co dot uk) but that they were. Sitting there, waiting for ME.

It means I have the responsibility of doing them justice.  I feel that responsibility.  This new website is quite literally a labour of love.

Without further ado, here it is:  Conscious Mum.  All photos are my own.  I don't use stock photos as a rule if I can help it.

What I wanted to share with you, is that several bloggers have opened the new year with new blogs.  In all cases they are MORE than just a blog, and will be a resource, in the form of a multi dimensional website.

I'll share them with you here, and if there are any more, please do let me know:
  1. Anya Harris, who you'll probably know as Older Single Mum, has set up The Healer.  Watch this lady, she is going to do great things and at some point she'll be a published author toooooo!
  2. Kate Holmes, who you'll know as Kate On Thin Ice, has set up Naked Mum.  For weight loss she will be hosting Wobbly Wednesday, which I didn't get chance to participate in yesterday.  And for ladies making improvements with the lives she will be hosting #NakedMums which will replace its predecessor #GroovyMums.
  3. My twitter friend @MrsB_LDN has set up a gorgeous website called Mind Over Matter.  We have a LOT in common, the only trouble is, she follows through, whereas I just think about it.  I really believe in giving up SUGAR and lost 3 stone in 2001 when I did exactly that, but despite knowing all about it, I haven't made the change yet.  I even own the book she advocates: "Hungry For Change" and despite me watching all of their pre-launch videos, I am ashamed to say I am yet to read the book.
  4. A blogger I HAVE to add to this list is Annie Spratt because she has MANY new websites.  Far too many to list here, but she definitely has exciting things on the horizon.  She set up both mine and Anya's websites, and blogs at Mammasaurus Blog.

And can you see what they all have in common? Tell me in the comments.

So, do you know anyone else who has entered the year with a brand spanking new website.  Let me know.

So all of these ladies are helping other ladies with the information that they put out there.

That's the thing about 2013, it is all about opening our hearts, and bringing our inner knowledge outside.  The old foundations and structures are falling away.  In this new world, in this age of aquarius, it is more important to be centred, than grounded.  If you want a long and extensive read about 2013 and the age of aquarius look no further than here <<<<

So please, hop about and have a look.  You won't be disappointed.

I have great ideas for Conscious Mum, but they will unfold with time.  I want to give to Mums what I could have benefited from when I was on maternity leave.

Liska xxx


  1. Congratulations Liska. Thank you for responding and your generous post, I'll be checking all these out and looking forward to working with you X

  2. Oooh, very exciting start to the New Year and I really hope Conscious Mum takes off for you. I could do with practising meditation and yoga when my boys run me ragged. I really love the photos on there. They are beautiful. :)


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