Thursday 31 January 2013

Yikes Aaron knows How to Use the Camera

So in the last few weeks Aaron has learned how to make a phone call on my mobile AND take photos on my mobile.

Getting it off him is then tough... especially when one needs one's phone, so I knew I would regret it but I showed him how to use my camera.

He now takes pictures of everything and not one of them is blurred.  My boy would appear to have a very steady hand and he seems to like still life, literally adjusting Mater and the Ribena for a better shot.

Did I give birth to David Bailey?  His Dad reckons it's all because he has done nothing but watch me take pictures of EVERYTHING for two and a half years.

Anyway what do you think? These are his most recent efforts bless him.

LOOK how UNFLATTERING the snap of me is.  When your two year old is armed and dangerous with a camera you don't have chance to strike a pose.

NOW you know why I HAVE to do my 40 day #Spring4Ward challenge (starts 4th Feb over at Conscious Mum).

Liska xx

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