Tuesday 5 February 2013

The Journey

Although I am yet to start detoxing or yoga/meditation the #Spring4ward 40 days has begun energetically and emotionally.

Aaron and I have just been swimming with @anyaharris01 and we are now on the train back to London...

I just felt inspired to type up the following 11 Ps on my phone... They just all sprang to mind, one by one, as I relaxed on the train, (once Aaron fell asleep) with me having had a "healing" with Anya and the swim having done me the WORLD of good*.

I'll expand upon them now on this blogger phone app.

1) Protect
We need to begin the day sealed and protected coming from a place of strength with a strong navel.  I will explain on @consciousmum blog tonight but the latter is achieved by doing Stretch Pose before getting out of bed. I haven't done it since Aaron was born.

2) Prevent
The above will largely take care of this.

3) Provide
We need to have enough energy and vitality to take care of ourselves and our families. Age is no excuse to be zapped.

4) Produce
Energy and vitality will make us more productive.

5) Ponder
We need to be selfish enough to give ourselves time to ponder and reflect so that we can access our internal sat nav when going off route.

6) Play
All of the above means we will generate the joy to play.

7) Patience
In that atmosphere patience is generated.

8) Prosperous
We will be prosperous on all levels once we are on our life path.

9) Plenty
Energetically there will be plenty of time, patience, joy and love.

10) Particular
We'll be particular and discerning about where we expend our energy. Where our focus goes our energy flows.

11) Proud
Having achieved the TEN "P"s we'll stand and walk tall, proud of our achievements...

We can do it....

The process has begun.

Sat nam

All my love,

Liska xxxx

*The song "I get knocked down but I get up again!" springs to mind considering I had a complete meltdown/breakdown in the swimming changing rooms.

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  1. Good morning! What a lovely start to the day reading through your list of Ps! I just want to add that we need to be pleased with our lives, seek pleasure in the small moments we are present in, and feel powerful in our selves if we are to lend and encourage that power and confidence in our children and those around us.

    Ps - you might like the song: (Queen of) starting over by Beverley Knight http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=lezNnDRHcoQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DlezNnDRHcoQ&gl=GB

    Enjoy xxx


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