Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Gallery Noses - Happy 25th Birthday Comic Relief

This weeks The Gallery photo prompt is NOSES.

I had all sorts of ideas where I would crop pics of me and Aaron so that you could only see our noses, but I wasn't making a good job of it so I decided to dig out a fundraising snap from Comic Relief 2007 instead.

The below cheque was the result of very last minute spontaneous fundraising I did at work, with colleagues for Red Nose Day 2007 and was the inspiration for us becoming an Official Supporting Partner for Sport Relief 2008, a project I thoroughly enjoyed.

We are all so very proud of the incredible parent bloggers that have just got back from seeing #GoodWork in Ghana.  Find them over at their team website Team Honk.

Happy Birthday to Comic Relief who is celebrating 25 years of GoodWork this very week.

Liska xx


  1. Replies
    1. thanks for visiting. You must be tired now from your fab trip

  2. That's a very impressive red nose you have there. Feel very proud of our mummy bloggers.

    1. I think it was just a big squishy foam one. Not as exciting as the faces they have on them nowadays xx

  3. Thats amazing for a spontaneous bit of charity work!

    1. Yes, and it was the leverage to do something bigger and more formal, the following year for Sport Relief (as red nose day and sport relief alternate)

  4. Great pic! I'm so impressed by Team Honk, have loved reading their stories and seeing the pictures over the last few days.
    I believe that is the sponge nose?! I've posted a pic of my boys in the sponge nose of 2007 in my Gallery post!

  5. Loving the snap and the fundraising!


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