Tuesday 5 March 2013

Conscious Connections MUMS

A weekly blog link up for Conscious Mums.

As long time readers will know, I have started another blog/website called Conscious Mum.

I thought it would be lovely to connect with each other.

We know when we are conscious.  When we have listened to OUR inner whisperer or that of our CHILD'S.  When instinct has guided us through a time of crisis, and we have felt an unknown entity or our higher selves guiding us.  When Mother's instinct kicks in and fear takes a backseat.

Being a Mother is a unique opportunity to get conscious if you are not already.

Quite sleepwalking through life, and open up.  I am.  Was sleepwalking since 2010 but reawakening now.

What do you find lifts and elevates you?  Now, the 2013 Aquarian energy is calling us to be our magnificent selves and do for the world what we were called here to do.

I listened to an awesome conference call online last night and these were the highlights I made a note of:
  1. We are already enough.
  2. If we're an acorn, we are already an oak tree we just need to crack the shell and grown - it is within us.
  3. Similarly a caterpillar is already a butterfly.
  4. The law of attraction conditions us to believe we are not enough.  We are.  Look inside instead of outside.
  5. Be your own magnificence.
  6. Masterpiece of divine is already within us.
  7. Ice is not a problem.  Affirmations will not defrost it.  Raising its temperature takes care of ice.  Raising our vibration takes care of ours.
  8. Problems dissolve as we evolve.
  9. The distance between us and our SONG is only a matter of frequency.  Reset that dial!
  10. Make your life welcome.
  11. Say yes to the yes!
  12. When we wait for the world to say we are good enough, our energy stagnates and we create crises around us, in finances and in relationships.  As the pressure builds it is a sign that the acorn is cracking its shell.  Burst free.
  13. Gospel of Thomas says What we Bring Forth will save us.  What we do not bring forth will destroy us.  So do not self sabotage.
  14. Discover your purpose and rewire yourself and become congruent with your truth.
  15. Once you know the truth your destiny is sealed.
  16. Relationship and financial problems only symptoms of us not being connected to who we are.
  17. We practice shelf improvement instead of self improvement.
  18. Energy on planet is higher than ever before.  We now need to say yes to our yes and are being called to.
  19. Life happens through you not to you!
This is the >>> website we were directed to, at the end of the call. I have not signed up.  There is useful content on that page though.

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