Tuesday 5 March 2013

Welcome Spring. Stay a While!

Today, there is no doubting that Spring has sprung.  We have the FIRST wash of the year on the washing line and it was hung by the husband #faints.  And I have another wash on, ambitiously considering it is now 14:21.  No idea if it will dry this late in the day (especially given it is not finished yet) but walking back from dropping Aaron at nursery I was SO warm I decided to risk putting the wash on.

I stripped down to a T-shirt (no jumper or jacket) it really is WARM today.

It was an eventful walk to nursery as there was a local professional dog walker walking about 6-8 dogs and behind her an apprentice with only two dogs.  The professional walked ahead and did not realise the other was left straggling with TWO dogs she could NOT control.  One a Doberman and the other a Rottweiller.  They kept heading in two different directions, so Aaron and I held back.  Quite a few times whilst we watched she KICKED them.  Her colleague was so far in the distance she had no idea what was going on.

Hanging back, so that we were safely away from the dogs, cost us 15 minutes. If they were walking at the same speed as us, that would never happen but she had to keep stopping with the dogs (who she clearly had no relationship with) who kept pulling away - at any moment I thought she would lose grasp of them and/or their leads.  We got to nursery at 13:15 instead of 12:55.  I was livid as I have something really important to do today.

I rung 101, but sadly they said it is an issue for the RSPCA.  I said "what if she or a member of the public get bitten. She is after all making those dogs VERY angry" to which they said "we'll deal with it then".  Policing, sadly, like medicine, seems to be about reaction, rather than prevention.

Anyway I am off to grab the pics, to show our Springy afternoon.


  1. It was sunny here today in the North East, but I doubt it would have been warm enough to dry the washing. You were brave with the second load going in. I decided to clean the greenhouse and sow some seeds.

    1. the first batch which the hubby was organised enough to wash and hang out (100% his clothes) 100% dried but mine and Aaron's stuff which was only hung out at 15:30 was brought in, very damp at 17:30.

      Live and learn :-)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Liska x


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