Wednesday 13 March 2013

My Boy is Growing Up

Got tears in my eyes this morning as I think my baby is no longer a baby :-(
Where he used to say "Buffer-ly" he now perfectly says "butterfly".
Where he used to say "Jee-us" he now perfectly says "Jesus".
And my all time favourite "elant" is now "elephant".
When discussing this with Daddy we remembered he still says "shap-puc" instead of "shut-up" but I don't like him saying that anyway, so we won't be correcting him and I have kindly asked that Daddy stops saying it to me!
Where is my baby gone?

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  1. Oh I absolutely know how you feel! Missy G used to say "croco-die-wal" for "crocodile", and I am treasuring her saying "I bomped my head" instead of "bumped", and even find myself at work saying "mazagines" instead of "magazines" as she does. Time does fly so fast, treasure each moment.


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