Wednesday 13 March 2013

Magic Blue Sky and Spring on the Way

Jaime Oliver from The Oliver's Madhouse has started a linky called Magic Moments.

It's such a lovely idea for a linky.

I like to think we can find the magic in the mundane.  Today I was walking down the road to collect Aaron at 18:00 from nursery and I suddenly realised it was my first time this year collecting him in daylight.

Because I do not keep a diary/journal, and I don't blog everything, often if I want to remember something I take a photo of it.  It sometimes gets to the point where it is a case of: "if I didn't photograph it, it did not happen" LOL.

Anyway I was so in awe of the fact that it was daylight this evening that I took a few photos of the sky :-)

Like I say, it happened :-)

For me, the solstice times of year are very magical and I am very conscious that 21st March is round the corner.  I can feel the magic in the air.  The changing tide of the changing season.

For Spring Solstice, day and night are equal.  I only heard that for the first time this year.... it's amazing what you don't know sometimes.

I am sorry if this isn't enough of a magic moment, but I had my head down tonight, lost in my thoughts, and when the realisation hit me that I was collecting my son in daylight (yes it was a *tiny* bit dusky but don't rain on my parade :-) ) I literally felt struck by a "moment" of magic and captured the "moment" on camera.

I read a beautiful post >> by Firefly Phil tonight and he talks about capturing moments in photos.

Bye for now, Liska xxx


  1. Liska this is indeed a fantastic magic moment!! Those kind of epiphanies are amazing aren't they. Let keep our fingers crossed for some warmer lighter weather in which more magic moments will be captured!

    Thanks for linking in Liska a lovely post :-) x

  2. You are training yourself to NOTICE what you see. This is more important than all the expensive photographic equipment in the world. I've discussed this here:

  3. This is a lovely idea for a linky! Fab photos! And I totally agree - the equinox is a lovely time of year - often pretty windy too!

  4. After a really awful, wet summer, an even worse, wet, cold, frozen winter the lighter evenings heralding spring, I find are really uplifting!

  5. Beautiful - so important to be conscious of these freeze-frame moments in life


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