Saturday 23 March 2013

News Mum Online - March 2013

I started something - I think it was last year. It was called News Mum Online (see what I did there?) but despite me creating a logo for it, I think I only posted once.

I bought a paper every day for about 3 weeks though and they made a nice mess on the coffee table till I got rid.

Well I thought I might resurrect it.  Here goes:

In the news this week, Rowan Atkinson hit the headlines for his Comic Relief Red Nose Day Archbishop of Canterbury sketch being in such bad taste that it had 2,200 complaints AND as a result has been removed from i-player.  I actually tweeted while it was being aired, as I also could not believe what I was hearing considering it was a couple of hours pre-watershed.  Didn't find it funny at all.  My tweets got 8 reply tweets from people who felt the same, so although this news surprised me, I wasn't shocked.  I didn't actually complain myself though.  I actually like him, so I had to find it in bad taste in order to feel the way I did.

There was a big backlash from people on Twitter blaming Christians for being over sensitive, but if you read the news only a quarter of the complaints were concerning religion with the rest regarding his language, which also shocked me, at the time, given the time of day.  What makes it ironic is that Russell Brand was on after 1 a.m. and was better behaved, when he was most certainly dealing with an adult only audience.

Did you know that does the news, with a week in pictures, with captions.  It's actually quite nice.

We've had the budget this week, which heralds parents being given help with childcare.  All is not as it seems though, and poorer families may just miss out on the full reach of the help <<< read this.

Many Stay At Home Mums were incensed by the news which favours working Mums and took to telephoning the radio to say what about us? One of which was a Mum who called Nick Clegg on LBC 97.3 - I listen to LBC as I am a Londoner but please click on the link to have a listen.  He tries to patronise her at the beginning by saying he can hear a child in the background.  She doesn't fall for the positive stroking though.  It is nice to see on the link above that The Telegraph entitles the article "full time Mums" - maybe that is nicer than "Stay At Home Mums"?  The good thing with The Telegraph article is you actually get to SEE him - thus far I have only been listening on the radio.

It was big news a week ago that Vicky Pryce got moved to a cushy new open prison after only DAYS in Holloway.  She is now on to a cushy number in a converted mansion house.

Click 'em to big 'em:

Forgive my source being the Sun, but I was in a cafe last Sunday and that was the only reading material available ;-)

I think I'll leave it there for now, and prepare better for next week by perhaps having a Newspaper to hand.

Bye for now, Liska xx

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