Saturday 23 March 2013

Our Week That Was

Last Sunday 17th March 2013 we went to Church and it rained so so heavily on the way back.

This was Aaron on the way to Church:

At the start of the walk back, Aaron insisted on pushing the buggy, but a third of the way home I had to put him in it with the raincover on.  The rain was heavy and cold.  I did not have gloves on, and you can't put your hands in your pockets when you're pushing a buggy.

Near home Aaron fell asleep, and as we live in an upstairs flat, taking him out would have woken him, so I sat at the bottom of the stairs reading a book (Power Vs Force) whilst watching Aaron (with the front door open and him outside in the buggy BBBbrrrr).

On the one hand it was great as the book is great but on the other hand I was freezing (the rain cover seemed to keep Aaron warm).

Someone at Church (the Choir leader) had reccommended the book, and I literally bought it on my Kindle the minute I got home (I have yet to go back and finish reading from where I got to on Sunday despite having guzzled the whole of The Alchemist in two days this week).

By the time we went inside, my fingers were numb with the cold, and to think, this time last year it was warm, and on days when it wasn't it was mild.  To think we still have the heating on!

Here's all of the photos from Sunday that cover off all of the above, oh, apart from how naughty he was in Church that meant we had to go in the children's room, which I hate, as it means I can't sing with the Choir. Bad enough we were in there at all, he climbed up on the window next to the altar - oh the shame of it (didn't stop me taking photos though LOL).

The one where he is reading Old MacDonald Had a Farm, is because I bought it for him just after Mass, and he read it in the buggy whilst I shopped in Sainsbury's. As you can see the shopping is hanging on the buggy, when he insisted on pushing it. Shopping doesn't seem to make the buggy too heavy for him and he loves nothing more than pushing the buggy.

By Sunday night I was in my Slanket on computer and Aaron was in his PJs. The husband was at a worskhop Saturday and Sunday. Being that I am Irish he arrived home with two cans of Guinness for me Sunday night. I looked forward to enjoying both but he only let me have the one :-( anyway it was a nice gesture to wish me Happpy St Patrick's Day.

Thanks Aaron - I think - now you can use the camera I have pictures of myself. Might have to sort out my appearance!

The trouble with Aaron being able to use the camera is that I get to see silly things like the above (the fact that I have my slanket on yet still have my hat on..........) - nothing like your kids showing a mirror to you *yawn* followed by *blush*.

Monday 18th March I don't have any photos, as my husband took Aaron to Grandma's so that I could print all my paperwork for a "hearing" that is coming up. Unfortunately, because I was sold my SECOND dud cartridge in a row, by Cartridge World, I was unable to do any printing despite Aaron and Daddy being gone for hours. It was a very frustrated (and then tearful) Mummy who turned up at Cartridge World Tuesday 19th demaning an exchange, whilst having to pay £6.99 to upgrade to a HP Cartridge.  What I was printing was far too important to risk 3rd time lucky.  After having two dud refilled cartridges you cut your losses and give up on this whole refill concept even if it is cheaper.

Tuesday, as above was me sorting out my exchange followed by dropping Aaron at nursery. When I got back in the car after dropping him, Daddy could tell that I was still tearful after the way that the man in Cartridge World spoke to me, so he took me to Table Table for lunch, where we actually got a good lunch time offer.  £6.99 for him and £4.99 for me. It worked, I hit the ground running afterwards, much cheered up.

That evening it was time to pick Aaron up from nursery and I couldn't resist taking yet more photos of the chickens, that nursery have seen hatch from Living Eggs.  I have posted about them before.  Well here they are now, in their 3rd home, running free (ish).

Wednesday, when I collected Aaron from nursery, he had these two fresh scratches which they told me he'd had the day before also.  They also told me they were "scabs" so were old.  They were bright red when I collected him (scabs are brown) - I said no, they are only crusted as the blood has clotted - doesn't mean it is a scab.  With them saying that he had them the day before they made me doubt my own mind.  Thank God Mummy Bloggers (and a lot of Mums in general) take a lot of photos as I was able to prove to myself he did NOT have them the day before:

I had actually left the house at 07:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning to go and see Mother Meera.  That should have meant I did not see Aaron as we normally get up way later than that, but he must have sensed me going so he got up at 07:10 to have lots of cuddles with me before I left. I kiss him on his forehead a lot and knew with certainty that those scratches were not there Wednesday morning.
Tuesday versus Wednesday. Scratches on the right and NONE on the left! Mummy's sanity reigns supreme! Phew!

Thursday we went for a walk with Daddy, but sadly, Daddy rowed with Mummy so stormed off home and left us to our own devices, just as we were going into Sainsbury's.  I wrote about it here, and how I ended up buying The Alchemist, in WH Smiths with a book voucher and sitting reading it for 2.5 hours whilst Aaron slept in the buggy. Funny how we edit our lives for public eyes, or maybe for the sake of putting the bad out of our minds, as I wrote about it over at Conscious Mum, yet did not mention the row at all :-(

Anyway, at some point whilst we were out this was taken. My ray of sunshine:

We went swimming for nearly two hours, closely followed by food shopping, with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches in between.

Aaron can't go to Tesco without going on one of these:

Today in MARCH we are staying inside in the warmth while it SNOWS outside like a BLIZZARD.

Not the weather you'd expect. Sarah Mum of 3 has shown (on Facebook) how her kids, this time last year, were in the garden in just swimming togs, throwing water bombs at each other.  What a difference a year makes!

Coombe Mill sorry I have not participated in Country Kids, this week, but due to the cold weather, outdoor time has been minimal and I couldn't disrespect you with a post that didn't do #CountryKids justice, especially after last week's lame attempt.

The reason I am here doing "Our Week That Was" for the first ever time is that when Sarah posted her photos from March last year (given that I can't access any of my MacBook photos due to KnowHow not fixing it!!!!) my only thing to do was to look at my blog for this time last year, and yes, I did post, this time last year, but NOTHING that indicates what we were doing or what the weather was like.

So from now on, I am going to try and make this blog what it should be, a record of our lives that we can look back on.

I will link this to My Week That Was over at Real Housewife of Suffolk when the linky opens tomorrow.


Liska xx

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  1. Sounds like quite a busy week that was, always scary when they learn to use the camera, mine are always keep to take photos when I allow. Thank you for the Country Kids mention, I shall be like your guilty conscience now ensuring Aaron and you have your outdoor time!


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