Sunday 24 March 2013

Straight to Toilet Training - No Potty - Day 02 - It's all in the mind

So yesterday, we made a conscious decision to stay at home.  It was snowing and COLD, and the heating was on, so I thought RIGHT, perfect time to commence toilet training with us being indoors for the duration.

I made sure I had THREE pairs of trackies (that are slightly too small) that I did not mind getting wet.  I thought they would get wet via "on the way to the loo" accidents, but no, my son is too old and too clever for that.

If he wanted to go to the loo, he would hold it, till he gets there as he has done in the past when we have experimented flirted with the toilet!

But yesterday he was in Thomas the Tank Engine pants (not training pants - I wanted him to feel the wetness to incentivise him to use the loo).  On the 1st wet through, we got through the following items * pants * socks * vest and * trackies.

So I then dispensed with the socks and vest - heating was on - so the second time we had just trackies to get wet, and the THIRD - gggggrrrrrr!

No bladder control.
No attempt to go to the loo.
No call to Mummy to say needed the loo.

He was proving a point - he doesn't like "panties" as he calls them, and likes his "nappies".

What got me was the 3rd wet was ALSO a number two! Have you ever tried to pull pants down when they contain a huge number two. Aint easy, especially when you're used to nappies.

This was what he looked like when he was wet and ***** for the THIRD time:

The reason he doesn't like panties is because we were sent some training (quilted) pants to review a few months back and they were so tight on the legs that they made him cry, and as a result if you even try to put even ordinary cotton pants on him (not quilted, not training) he screams "they'll hurt me".  It's certainly put us back a couple of months.

But now he is getting used to the Thomas ones. And trusting that they don't hurt him.  I wish I'd never tried those training pants now :-(

Anyway last night I gave up and have had him in nappies all day today - Sunday day 02.

But tonight he has surprised me.

We went for a walk tonight so that he could see the snow and more importantly walk in it, after being indoors all day yesterday and today, and surprise surprise when he got in tonight he had a bottle on my knee and once it had gone through to his bladder he said "Mummy I need to do a poo".

He had enough bladder control (it was a wee not a poo) to wait for me to:

undo the button of his jeans
AND the poppers on his vest
AND take off the nappy
AND put the mickey mouse seat on the toilet
AND position him before he started to do a wee (to which I of course said I thought you said it was a poo!).....

Anyway about 15 minutes later same deal

And 10 minutes after that same deal.

So between 20:50 and 21:30 he'd weed three times.  No wonder his nappies are always so full.

God forbid if we were out and I had to find a loo that many times but like I said he had just had a full 12 oz bottle.

What impresses me is that all three times he told me.
All three times he waited for me to undress his bottom half and set the seat up.
And all three times nothing came out until he was positioned.

SO I think yesterday his mind wasn't on it.

Today, there is a link between his brain and the action.

He's got it.

So I think toilet training is as much a mental as a physical process.

Bless him!

And at 10 p.m. I sent my last tweet to #pbloggers and tried to put him to bed again!
At about 22:15 he asked to do a wee again, and again he did.
Nappy was dry so went back on for the night.

So that is FOUR wees he has done in the big toilet this evening.
All without any effort from me.  He doesn't even have "panties" on today.
He just GETS it from yesterday.

And has decided to go with it.

Things percolate in their little minds.  It's amazing.

So I think we will stay indoors again tomorrow and make hay while the sun shines.



  1. I envy you staying indoors, though I don't envy the wet pants, lol. I remember this stage with Amy and it seemed to take forever. Admittedly, she found it hard to control herself and she was five before she came out of day nappies, and 7 when she finished with night ones, but all children are different. I think we mums do tend to compare our kids to other people's kids and if we get talking to one of the 'perfect' parents with 'perfect' kids in the school playground or wherever, we start to beat ourselves up. It's usually the case the those 'perfect' parents have many faults behind closed doors!

    CJ x

  2. Hooray!! Well done him. I am dreading potty training but I keep telling myself I have a year yet as Z has just turned 2. There's no way he's ready - he does like to pee in the bath though so I think he's starting to learn he has the ability to control it.

  3. Oh a big well done to you... It's all about persevering - some days they do, some they want to be back in nappies again. It took quite a few months of back and forth until finally Little A had mastered the whole thing - and now she is both weeing and pooing on the toilet - she finally gave up the potty a week or so ago!

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