Thursday 18 April 2013

CAREX - The Nation's Favourite Handwash - £500 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers, plus a year’s supply of Carex hand wash to be won!

Would you believe Carex is nearly 20 years old?  No, neither would I.  I would never have thought it, but I guess I didn't really take much heed of hand wash till I became a parent.  Now, it is antibacterial handwash, after every activity.  It feels like we may always have had Carex but they only started in 1994.  Carex were actually the first brand to bring antibacterial liquid hand wash to the UK - read more here.  We have a Carex in the kitchen and another in the bathroom.  Carex is definitely our favourite & product of choice.

I have been remunerated to tell you about this competition but do not let that bother you, considering the prizes up for grabs! This is a post that is a pleasure for me to write, as I am already a loyal customer.  Also, I think what you have to do to enter will get your creative juices flowing whilst being good fun, especially for a parent blogger who will find this a walk in the park.  I've seen parent bloggers make videos that would rival professional ones, and with prizes like this up for grabs, now's your time to SHINE!

Like I said we are loyal fans of the product, so this is our kitchen and bathroom stocks, both of which got a hammering the last few days with Aaron having been really poorly.  So part of my dash out to get supplies today included the purchase of two new bottles.

Well they are celebrating being 20 years old in style let me tell you.

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Carex has launched a nationwide competition to reward 20 busy pairs of hands around the UK!

The Carex Live Life Hands On Awards celebrate all the wonderful things that we do with our hands.
Carex want people to share a day in the life of their hands, showcasing the real life moments that hands unlock, every single day.  

Entries can be a couple of sentences, a short written diary, some photos or even video footage.

The competition is open to everyone, from busy mums, professional gardeners and nursery nurses to dustbin men, gymnasts, mechanics and lollipop ladies.

Continuing the theme of 20, Carex will pick 20 of the most compelling entries to each win £500 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers, plus a year’s supply of Carex hand wash.

Gooooood competition right!!??!?!
The Red Letter Day vouchers can be spent on anything from a complete chill-out weekend at a luxurious spa, an adventure trip with a partner to a family weekend with the kids.

To enter The Carex Live Life Hands On Awards visit: 

The closing date for the competition is 10th June 2013.  That and other info can be found here: terms and conditions

I am supposed to tell you that it is £1.80 in all good retailers.  Perhaps it is, but personally I always get mine for a pound in Poundland or Savers - sssssSSSHHHhhhh - don't tell anyone!

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  1. I bought the ,ilk and honey one once a few years back, to be told by my granddaughter that Bob cant use it as it triggers off his allergies to milk and honey, and puts him into anypylaxis. Never gave it a thought, so it is blue all round for us now. Nice comp, will try and remember to enter


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