Saturday 13 April 2013

Country Kids love to...

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Joining in again with #CountryKids - I wish we did this last year as we were in Ireland for 2 weeks last July and again for 2 weeks in August. We had LOTS of country kids material then.  Hopefully we'll get some again, next time we go.

Anyway, back to reality and our "London" city version of #CountryKids

On Tuesday Aaron and I walked to the shops to get a few bits and on the way home, Aaron saw a park in the distance and had to run across a big open green to get to it but he literally ran for the hills (no hills but you get my drift) and left me in his wake, playing catch up with shopping and a buggy.

I caught up with him and he was in his element trying the equipment in a park he'd never been in before.  Didn't at all phase him that the park was completely empty.  Very different to Sunday (which was feautured in last week's #CountryKids post) where we were in a packed park and the weather was much better.

This park is a bit unkempt to be honest but Aaron wasn't bothered. An adventure is an adventure right...

Actually the below photos are from the same day, (before we got to the park but after we left the shop) but this is a road side green area... not a park, but it has plenty to climb and jump on as the contents of it were designed by children in a local school. Cool ha?!?!

Country kids love getting wet and dirty:

Get outside with your wee ones - well well worth it and known to prevent/cure cabin fever :-)

Liska xx


  1. It looks like you had a fab time! xx

  2. That really doesn't look like London, we do have a great diverse capital city! I love the running for the park bit, he is a true Country Kids at heart. Thank you for joining in with me again.

  3. I love little parks like this that are tucked away in the busiest of places..even London! They give toddlers the best fun sometimes.

  4. Looks like he's having a fab time - really liked the middle set of photos with him clambering over the rocks! :o). X.

  5. I bet a good nights sleep followed! Looks like he had a great day x

  6. Looks like lots of fun & love what you've done with the photos x

  7. Even city kids can be country :) You are right it is just about getting out and about I think, even a walk to the shop equal fresh air and a stretch of the legs and you can find simple discoveries along the way! I love how he ran to the park. My wee man is the same I am lucky if he checks sometimes to make sure I am there.

  8. looks like a great adventure, the bits in the road side green area looks lots of fun, there is nothing better than big rocks and things to climb and jump off.


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