Friday 12 April 2013

Fun Filled Day

I need to write about yesterday QUICKLY so that I can at some point do a blog post about TODAY, the day that should NEVER happen again............ Aaron embarassed me so many times today, I think the next time I go out I need to do so with a BAG OVER MY HEAD :-(

Anyway, enough about today, let's look back to the blissful day that was yesterday :-)

Yesterday we met up with my friend and her little boy. We met at the Supermarket, but she was late, and Aaron ran around, to say the least, while we waited for her:

So, due to the above mayhem (which was actually NOTHING compared to today), when my friend arrived, she said that her buggy was in her husband's car, (near the station) and could she go and get it while I minded her son and mine.

I looked across the road at the Library and said, I think it would be safer to mind them there, than here.  I said, it's been hard watching Aaron for 15 minutes while waiting for you.  I can't go through it for a further 15 minutes with TWO boys, as there was nowhere safe to go: inside mayhem with them picking up items, or the hazards of cars in the carpark outside = ALL A BIG NO NO!

Anyway I have lived here 12 years and have NEVER set foot in my library so had NO IDEA what to expect.

Boy am I glad that we did.  So funny to think it wasn't even planned but just a straw that I grabbed at, in a thinking outside the box kind of way.

Anyway me and two boys headed for the library while my friend went to the station to get her buggy out of her husband's car.

As you can see, they didn't even take their jackets off, as I had only ducked in there as a stop-gap while she went to get the buggy.

BUT THEN, at 14:08 the place started  to fill up, as there was to be storytime at 14:15.

Aaron's nearly three and yet we've never joined a library and never been to storytime.

I convinced my friend to stay (when she arrived back with their buggy) and it was blissful as it included lots of singalongs (I knew ALL the words to ALL the songs and LOVED it).  Aaron was a little naughty (again not a patch on today).  When she read them a Thomas & Friends book, he insisted on going up and pressing the button EVERY time she turned the page.  It annoyed some of the other parents.  I was mortified as Aaron stays sitting down for storytime at nursery. I don't know what got into him to be honest.  Then when he didn't like me holding him on my lap as a result of that, he then ran off, and completely missed the Wheels on the Bus singalong, which was a travesty as it is by far his favourite song but he was inconsolable just because I would not let him go up anymore to press the button on the Thomas book (the staff member leading storytime had been 100% patient but one particular parent had had enough - understandably).

Anyway, thank God I did not walk out, as then they had CRAFT time.

Anyone who knows me, or this blog, knows, me and Aaron do not like do craft (sorry Maggie)...

But it was bliss...

They were given a drawing of a bus, and pens and crayons and enough characters to fit in every window (paperclipped to the drawing of the bus).  There was glue on every table and it was their job to put a character in each window and glue it down, followed by colouring in the bus if they wanted to.

We had SUCH fun doing it, as did my friend and her son.  So much so we went back to the library today and joined.  Each of our son's now has a membership card in their own name.  We're allowed to withdraw 12 books.  Today, I got 11 for Aaron and my friend got 6 for her son.

Anyway THIS was the artwork Aaron produced.  I am so proud.  Love it:

I added the "@NEWMUMONLINE" with picmonkey.  That isn't actually ON the picture :-)
Anyway, the next bit is where it got spooky.

The last time me and my friend took our boys to soft play, it closed at 4 p.m. So considering it was a bus ride away we were taking a big risk in doing storytime, which then became song time, which became art time.  Despite this, we still went and got the bus to soft play.

I am so glad we just went with the flow and did so, as they have sessions in school holidays and when we got there, the next one was starting at 4 p.m. and it meant we were allowed to stay there till 6 p.m.

So without stressing about whether they'd be open we just went with the flow and it all worked out magically beautifully :-)

Our boys had so much fun at softplay and let off some much needed steam.

Me and my friend actually got to start and finish a sentence and BREATHE whilst they played :-)

They've become the best of friends, as have we, and they had a great time while we relaxed.  (I just wish today had been as enjoyable but more about THAT in another post)....

This is a few pics from soft play.

I could not really take proper pics, as it would involve other children being in them... as you can see, there are a couple of action shots above. Keeping a two year old still aint easy...

Even though it wasn't particularly hot there was a lovely blue sky and despite all of the trees still looking skeletal, I did spot a tree with some BLOSSOMS on, and smiled so much I had to document it with the above photo.

It is the only tree I have seen with blossoms on and they are not particularly pink and you kind of have to stare to notice them at all. It was a pleasure to spot them nonetheless.

This is the two boys that have become the best of friends:


  1. its amazing how much more fun Librarys are then you first think, I dn't get to go to ours nearly as much as I should. Glad things worked out for you and you had a great day, sounds like Today wasn't as good and will look out for your post!

  2. i love the library too, I used to do rhyme time with Isla every week when she was a baby, but it all got trickier when Noah came along. That session you arrived for sounds brilliant - stories, singing and crafts! brilliant!

  3. Libraries are great aren't they ? Both my girls went to the rhyme time and are still big fans of reading.


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