Tuesday 30 April 2013

Magic Moment When Two Becomes Three

Aaron is NOT yet THREE,
but the change is there for all to see,

or at least it is a change
that is visible to me.

I am his Mum,
I've dealt with the "twos",
But now comes the threes
and there are less of the blues.

As the twos come to an end,
on you I can depend.

You do what your told,
Not quite so bold.

You pass things to me,
You listen to what I say.
Things are easier,
We're making headway.

They call the twos terrible,
They weren't that bad.

We created many memories,
You getting old makes me sad.

But three I can see,
will be so much fun.
It's a few weeks off,
But the change has begun.

My boy is quite different
A little man in the making.
Seeing you blossom,
My heart it is breaking.

It's magic you see,
Seeing what you can be.

You are my little shadow,
the best part of me!


I am entering this post into the Magic Moments linky, as we are having lots of them now.  It's like something has clicked.  Bus journeys are easy! Shopping is easy (that's a slight exaggeration as today WAS stressful, but unlike in the past it was POSSIBLE).  THAT is progress.

You understand every word I say and I understand every word you say.  You are learning at the rate of knots.  Mummy LOVES you so so so much.  Being with you is literally ALL I need.

Love you my little darling son.


  1. Awww this is beautiful! I am so waiting for this stage! everything for me at the minute is hard work!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  2. What a beautiful poem liska! Very magical x

  3. It would be lovely to think that the storm of the terrible twos are over. We are having more good days than bad now but some days are still a challenge. JC turns 3 in Augusts so there is still time yet!xx

  4. YOU are a wonderful writer XX :)


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