Tuesday 30 April 2013

Wedding Clothes for a 2 Year Old Boy

I did a tweet today asking whether Aaron should wear a suit to a wedding this Sunday.  The consensus in the MANY and varied helpful replies was no, not for a two year old who'll want to be comfortable and play!

So there husband! Us Mums know best!!!

So off we headed to the shops this afternoon after already having been in the Clarks Factory Shop this morning (see last post).  Yes, a very productive day.  If I told you I got my outfit too, you wouldn't believe me right? But, I did.

Considering I never ever dreamed I could shop with Aaron I am very impressed with our day today.

ALSO got a load of washing out on the line AND back in dry :-)

Anyway HERE is Aaron's capsule wardrobe for Sunday all from TK Maxx

The stripey shorts are not for the wedding but I could not leave the shop without them :-)

Full size photos can be found here: clothes for a 2 year old boy going to a wedding

I have linked to the full size photos as Pic Monkey rotated some of them above :-(

Plus, in the full size shots hopefully you can appreciate the detail.

What with his shoes coming from a Factory Store and his clothes coming from TK Maxx, I am very happy with my budget shopping today.

CAN'T WAIT till I can show you photos of him wearing this lot... (to be continued)...

Liska xxx


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