Tuesday 21 May 2013

Adaptable to a point

We normally go to Ireland by plane. Aaron knows the drill off by heart. Packing's become an artform and the journey this side and the other are both easy.

We pay Ryan Air extra to bring a 20kg case which we share and all Aaron's tops and bottoms go in his carry-on Trunki. 

Recently we had to go to a wedding in Ireland and with the costs of that in itself Mummy could not afford flights so we haggled a lift by car and boat with my Dad and his wife.

Aaron coped with going to bed on holiday-eve at 10 pm followed by a rude awakening 4.30 a.m. on 2nd May. Didn't mind saying goodbye to Daddy and swapping his car for Granddad's. Also didn't mind 10 hours total in the car that day or a 3 hour trip by boat which was exciting never having travelled on one before. He totally got that the boat was taking him to Ireland....

Only on arrival...
We disagreed on what Ireland was/is...
We always stay with "MM" (Mum's Mum) but this time we were to stay at my Dad's.
On arrival Aaron screamed at the top of his lungs. "This is NOT Ireland". For the first time in his life he cried himself to sleep.
Even the next day, hysterics!

When I finally convinced him it was indeed Ireland he said "I want to go in Granddad's jeep (he has a Landrover Discovery) to the other Ireland".  My adaptable boy who will go ANYWHERE as long as his Mum goes too, was NOT happy.

We arrived in Ireland Thursday 2nd May and finally visited MM on Tuesday 7th May. I thought he would have forgotten the trauma but no, he would not hug my Mum at all or show her any warmth. Yet when it was time to leave on Wednesday he cried so we stayed at MM's two nights, instead of the planned ONE.  On the second night he sat on her knee and was normal with her. I was too.

Oh Aaron you sensitive little soul. I love you.

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  1. Awe hope it was still a really lovely trip! Z has started asking to "go home" now when we out late. I was really surprised when that penny dropped with him. He never seemed fussed before :)


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