Wednesday 5 June 2013

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A post about what's happening in the news is something I do every now and again - tis MEANT to be a weekly THANG - never been one for self discipline.

Anyhow thought you might find some of these headlines interesting:

Middle lane hoggers on the motorway are now to face £100 on the spot fines - not great when A LOT of people like to drive that way, as evidenced from the amount of people who phoned lbc 97.3 to say just that.

James Caan (what is that spelling about!) told the whole country we should allow our children to find a job by themselves and not help them - it later transpires he employs two of his daughters - you couldn't make it up!

David Cameron is related to the Royal Family - you heard it here first!

An OAP managed to get off a parking fine by sending a soppy email about his "blind" date, but when he showed it to her she dumped him... you win some you lose some eh! Click the link to READ the email :-)

Did you know that some publicans are only on about £10k a year because of the amount they are charged wholesale for the drinks :-(

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