Thursday 6 June 2013

Don't Say You've Got A Small Garden

We were truly privileged to be invited to friends for a BBQ on Sunday.  Despite having a #Cybher hangover I wouldn't have missed it for the world and was thrilled I didn't!

My friend has what some might say is a small garden, but I can honestly say there isn't another that I have ever had as much fun in.

When you are in good company, with great conversation, food and drink, it's all you need.

It's a fabulous garden as it is FULL of warmth, love and on Sunday it was bursting at the seams with imagination!

Aaron played with my friend's two wee ones, as he also did on Friday at Lloyd Park, but they also had the girl from next door over too.

Let me try and remember everything they did in ONE day. Talk about imagination!

Riding every toy that he could!

Playing with a tape measure for ages!

Being a customer in a shop

Playing Octonauts

Playing shop keeper/cashier

Effortlessly looking COOL!

Eating FABULOUS BBQ food!

The driving of toy vehicles continues

Mummy enjoyed beer and this was in addition to wine, which she enjoyed too much to even think about the camera!

Playing Doctor

Enjoying an ice cream cone! In the sun!

Being a patient patient in the hospital waiting room!

Getting the diagnosis! Luckily Doc McStuffin is one of his fav TV shows!

I had the best wine the best beer and the best coffee!

They had chalk to play with all day, even decorating the tractor

Then the colouring-in started

Finally have a rest on Mummy's knee. Yes I am dirty and wore my Cybher dress again - so sue me!

Made Mummy draw all these Thomas & Friends - I can't account for the numbers or names which came from THEM!

A bit of plane spotting!
All in a day's fun eh.

I was astounded at the amount of things they found to do.

I just relaxed, drank, ate, and took photos.

Errr when can we do it again? ;-)

Liska xx

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