Friday 7 June 2013

Pamper Time - said in a You Can't Touch this MC Hammer Stylie!

Today was pamper time in this house.  Yes I am broke, but I was able to afford it thanks to a gift voucher (Xmas present) that was about to expire.

I took myself off to Waltham Cross Eternal Youth and I can honestly say my hair has not looked this healthy in about 20 years.

I asked him how he did it, and it was all thanks to this product apparently:

I would have bought it RIGHT THERE and THEN but I am brassic, so I bid it goodbye despite it only being £14.

The hair did not fully use my voucher so I stayed on to have a pedicure and rinse it out knowing Aaron was safe at home with Daddy.

What I loved was that when I was picking the pedicure from the "menu" they didn't push me to get the dearest and actually encouraged me to get the cheapest as it included everything (massage scrub etc...) just with lesser value "products" than the luxury pedicure.  I was really grateful for their honesty and it is a non-pushy sales technique that always in the past makes me spend more.  It would normally have seen me tip and buy that hair product but sadly I did neither.

But I did walk out with great toes:

Fab shine on my hair that I've not seen in a LONG time!
Above photo was taken in the ladies at the salon.

I think for a Mum it is really really important to get some ME time and some PAMPER time.  I had such a spring in my step afterwards and felt glamorous for the first time in ages.  I didn't feel glamorous for the 5th May wedding in Ireland as I only got my fringe cut for that (ran in to a hairdressers that was about to close) and didn't feel glamorous at Cybher either, so today it was great to, in the words of Shania Twain FEEL LIKE A WOMAN.  Gosh I am showing my age.  In the subject heading of this post, I was humming MC Hammer and now I am close to admitting that I have Shania Twain's album CD - I LOVE IT.  Would dig it out right now and play it if only I knew where it was.  Right I will look it up on You Tube. Found it! It's actually called Man! I feel like a woman!

Anyway back to the Salon.  The staff were awesome.  It was so hot the doors were open and we did a lot of people watching. Lady with white leggings, and a black thong! Sort your life out! It was not a pretty sight when you kept bending over.  I noticed you moved on before I took a photo LOL.  Oh and she was wearing a black body warmer on what I can safely say must be the hottest day of the year so far - what's THAT about?  BUT tomorrow folks, is predicted to be even hotter and I already know where we are going.  Nice to go to bed knowing where you are going the next day, which let me tell you, as a SAHM, is not always the case.

Oh and I ended up admitting to one of the staff that I "dowse".  I answered LOTS of questions for her, and when I answered a BIGGIE, I got goosebumps all down my arms and ALL my body hair (on my arms) stood on end.  I felt SO confident doing it.  Later once home, I went out to meet my friend D and her son Y and we took both our boys to the park. We were there for hours and whilst there I answered LOADS of questions for her via dowsing and she was shocked, as similar to the beautician they matched what she'd been told by other mediums.  I genuinely think I am getting very good at this.  It was also right about the legal case I vlogged about a few weeks ago.

I popped home to get Aaron before heading for the park, and just had to take a photo in my bathroom too, so happy was I with my new found well groomed appearance:

Oh I had added some slap before taking this one!

Anyway, the boys had a GREAT time in the hot sun at the park, but I think I should make that a post of its own.

I was so happy with my new found toes, I could still be found taking photos of them in the park, with the daisies :-)

I'll just end on a proud Mum moment by showing you ONE gorgeous pic of Aaron taken in the park today.

Liska xx


  1. I had to come over when I saw your post title, I am humming away to myself now! Your hair looks fine and that is a divine picture of Aaron. Mich x

  2. OOh, your hair looks gorgeous! x


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