Friday 14 June 2013

Things to Pack when You Are Going to Thomas Land!

And we best not forget a couple of Thomas Tank Engines, as there are tracks in the hotel reception area and restaurant, but no trains. Let's avoid tears this time shall we.  We don't want to have to make a Manager open the foyer shop out of hours again.

And every boy needs his own wheelie suitcase (far right above) which I think we will use in the theme park instead of a nappy changing bag! I love his Thomas Bag which we bought from the Thomas Souvenir shop the last time we went (yes, this is our 3rd time to Thomas Land, but when a boy loves something.....)!

We haven't used the LittleLife reins (next to his Thomas Bag in the far right photo) in a LONG time but I plan on bringing them as Aaron is going through a phase where he runs off, very independently, and I don't fancy searching a whole theme park for him!

If only I could get this Birthday Eve boy to bed!

Liska xx

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