Wednesday 31 July 2013

A Welcome Fun Filled Day

My Brother-in-Law's Mrs took Aaron and I out for the day today, with her two girls, (my nieces) and we had a blast.

The kids walked through fountains fully clothed and I must have changed Aaron's clothes 5 times LOL.

This was after we had an early morning trip to the cinema - we saw All Stars which I think I enjoyed as much as the children.  Pre-baby we used to go to the cinema more or less every weekend and I think (if I ever give myself chance to think about it) I miss it.
We have been to these fountains on some of the hottest days of the year (me, Aaron, my friend Deepa and her son) and Aaron always refuses to get in, saying the water is too cold.  I have never understood it, as he says it on really hot days when I would give anything to run through cold water. Plus he doesn't at all have a problem getting into our cold paddling pool.

Anyway, as his two cousins are older than him, what a surprise, he couldn't get enough of the water TODAY and they all went in fully clothed.

I then remembered I had a dry cossie in the bag (from the last time he refused to go in) and put that on him, but after a while he wanted out, as it wasn't particularly warm today - he was shivering.  Every time we got them dry they went in again.  The clothes on and off were like musical chairs but it was fun. It was fun watching them having fun. If you can't get wet when you are 3, 3 and 7 then when can you?

My older niece of the two is a very very fast runner and was the only one who could keep up with Aaron whilst they ran in the park and all round Lidl.

Loving Lidl as Aaron's favourite snack - 12 pack of Mini Cheddars - are back on half price promotion again #result

Aaron either goes to bed on time at 21:30 or goes loop the loop and it's more like 00:30.

Well thanks to a fun filled day today and no sneaky nap at any point, he was asleep by 19:40.

It meant I was able to watch Corrie, and now write this post.

Due to a pretty large scale domestic dispute last night - which thankfully Aaron slept through - I did not sleep, well perhaps 2 hours... so now that I have written this I may just hop in next to him and get some much needed shut eye and R&R.

Liska xx

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  1. Don't you just love it when they go to sleep early? Trouble is, there's no such thing as an early night and a lie in in the morning - it's either-or.


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