Saturday 3 August 2013

Country Walks and Dead Rabbits

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Long time readers of the blog will remember that Aaron and I used to quite often go for a country walk with Sandra on a Thursday or Friday nearly every week.  However, we've been spending Fridays with Deepa for a while now.

Anyhow, we bit Sandra's hand off when she invited us for a walk today as it's been too long.

It was so good to reconnect with nature and see Aaron having free range fun.

It's not as good as it looks.  He wanted to be picked up a couple of times (we were out for HOURS and I did not have the buggy), and at one point he wouldn't talk about anything until we got to a shop and bought him some yoghurt drink (Yop!).  I decided not to bring the buggy, as pushing an empty buggy for hours on end while Aaron runs around is not fun, especially on a country terrain with a city buggy (travel system - we never did upgrade to a stroller).

Bless him it was a long active day for him, something my boy normally takes in his stride, but it's clearly been too long.  I thought all the weeks in the paddling pool during the heatwave were very active, but clearly it did not keep his walking muscles fit LOL.

Here's a collage of our day today:

The collage represents the active bit but we did have a LONG country walk (one photo is the "curious" one). I did not take many pics as my memory card is full, so each time I took one I had to delete something :-(

Anyway, TODAY AARON LEARNED ABOUT DEATH............ at the ripe old age of 3!!!

At one point in the distance we could see a lot of birds on the path and Sandra explained to Aaron that they were crows, to which he said "no they're not, they're birds!".  As we got nearer, we saw something dead and first assumed it was a squirrel.  As you can see, from the above curious photo, Aaron likes to inspect everything and anything, and it too did not escape his nose.  It meant we got a closer look too and we all discovered it was a squished baby rabbit.  No fur on the legs where the birds had nibbled him.  They were just blood and bone, which HORRIFIED Aaron.  The birds had the good sense to leave as we neared but the flies did not.  Aaron asked what are they doing and we explained that they were eating the rabbit.  Aaron was disgusted and wanted to know about the boney bloody legs, to which we explained the birds had done that.  He forgot about it VERY soon after and that was that.

We went to Tesco, got the Yop, went back to Sandra's garden, and after feeding the rabbits in her garden (he made NO connection) he could not wait to open the magazine I'd bought him in Tesco.  It had come with a free water pistol and he spent probably over an hour squirting it at Sandra whist she kept using her watering can to splash him back - they had a riot and I just watched and relaxed.  There were lots and lots and lots of great photo moments but like I said my memory card was full... :-(

Anyway after an amazing fun filled action packed day, we walked home and as we were walking home, he somehow remembered the rabbit, and the new word he had learned = DEAD.  He said to my back (I was walking slightly ahead of him setting the pace) "Mummy I don't want YOU to be dead".

I said don't worry baby that will never happen and inwardly prayed I'd be right (for a few decades at least). I felt proud that my clever son made such an astute connection but carried home a VERY heavy heart.

So today, Saturday 3rd August 2013 my 3 year old has learned what dead means.

It feels appropriate that I share this in a #CountryKids post, as (1) it happened on a country walk and (2) I think life in the country (alongside farm animals) is probably full of REGULAR reminders about the circle of life.

Sorry for the morbid post.  We did have a beautiful day, honest.

Liska xxx


  1. It's not a morbid post at all - just life, and children learn about death at an early age especially in the country. I'm not surprised Aaron was tired, he did very well to walk and play all day, thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. It's probably a good way to learn about death...if there is a good or easy way. Something they will have to learn in time. Girl..seriously? Camera card full? rooky mistake :) Lol. Lovely pictures of the fun that you did take. I love the swing angle! It's always the days you decide not to bring the stroller that they decide to get tired out! These days I find myself carrying it along whatever...our city pushchair has done some serious off roading...definitely not fun for me!

  3. Wow - it is really very beautiful if you think about it. We all have to learn about it. Sometimes I think we are almost born with some knowledge of it anyway. Aaron is the cutest!

  4. It's a great way to learn about death. My middle child learned about death at a similar age when we found a dead deer in our garden, it brought up lots of questions and a really special discussion point for us to share. Children are naturally curious about mortality at this age as they begin to work things out.

  5. Learning about death and decomposition, both part of life and a good reason for getting them out into the country.
    How well he did to walk all the time on such little legs, think he earnt his yop ;) xx

  6. It's hard when they ask about things like that so young, but in a way I believe they pick it up as something quite matter of fact.

    We had a little duckling that had just hatched needing to be kept warm, in a box next to the aga a few months ago. Usually there's a few of them together, but this one was on its own and just constantly tried to jump out. I think it was just too stressed out and by the middle of the next day was dead. N looked in, said the 'duck is sleeping', I told him it wouldn't wake up because it had died. And that was that. Obviously he's younger, so doesn't read as much into it, but being on the farm I think the children are brought up being more aware of animals unfortunately dying. Hopefully it helps them cope better in future.


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