Tuesday 16 July 2013

See You Do Recover From Chickenpox

We went quiet for a while as BOTH of my computers are in for repair - one with a mate and one with technicians.  BUT we also had sickness of the non computer kind.  Aaron had chickenpox.

We came back from Featherdown Farm on 1st July, we went to Christmas in July on 2nd July, and he woke up with it on 3rd!

But here's the proof that you do recover from it.

His face looks great I think, all things considered - don't look at his back or chest though :-(

You can see it if you look closely, but I am really happy with his recovery skills.

I am  on a borrowed computer from hubby right now.

Liska xx


  1. Everyone recovers from chicken pox :) It's such a mild thing.

    1. I know but they are now increasingly vaccinating against it... :-( xx

    2. Not in the UK they're not. Even in countries like Australia that have traditionally had it as part of their vaccination programme, many parents are choosing not to.

      Glad the baby boy is OK now :)

  2. Bless him. Glad to see he's on the mend. This time 5 years ago I had chickenpox - at 35. My twins had it at the same time as me. I've completely recovered now though but I never want to repeat that experience!

  3. I am glad to hear Aaron has recovered from chickenpox. My little boy hasn't had it yet, so I'm pleased to see they go back to their cute and cheerful self after it.

    Big kisses to your brave little soldier! xx

  4. I'm special, I have low immunity to things like this and had it approx ten times. Doctors baffled by me.


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