Monday 5 August 2013

Buying the first bike for a 3 Year Old Boy at Kiddicare

Today we went shopping for a "blue car" - suffice to say we did not get one.  Watching the journey to not get one was HILARIOUS.

We reached the conclusion I could have started off at LOL.

We went to my favourite shop Kiddicare - the Enfield branch - and I chose this my first [balance] bike for Aaron.

The husband then insisted on going to Toys R Us, which long time readers will know is a shop I don't particularly like.  Anyhow they we spent a LONG time trying everything in there.

At one point Aaron even said "I don't want any of these cars"... I whooped and said "right let's go!"

Aaron tried on a funny helmet, well that gave me the idea to get him one, so we did actually make a purchase in Toys R Us before we left.  We got a lovely Jake and the Neverland Pirates one, given that that is Aaron's favourite TV show.

We went back to Kiddicare and got the "my first bike" which was reduced to a very reasonable 27 pounds.

Once we'd bought it we stayed in the store to have lunch as lunch there is super, and CHEAP.

Aaron got the kiddi box which contains a Capri Sun + 3 other things + a sandwich OR what we got = spag bol (which comes with garlic bread).  The 3 things we chose were Organix crisps (carrot sticks) AND a yoghurt AND a Cadbury Freddie chocolate.  The box even contains crayons, and you get the contents of that box + the sandwich or spag bol for 3 pounds.  I would pay that just for the box, so to get a hot meal AS WELL is the reason that we go there :-)

I got a pot of tea which I must easily have got 3 cups out of and it was only 1.5 pounds.  My jacket potato with cheese, coleslaw AND side salad was only 3.5 pounds.  Basically the whole lot was 8 pounds when normally (pre being broke, I would pay 10 pounds just for lunch for myself).  The ones I used to have whilst Aaron napped in the buggy when he was younger and I had PND.

Anyway after the shopping my two boys went to Grandma's house and they were assembling the bike there, so I have no idea what it's like.  We bought it in a box and I could not see a display model so I hope it is perfect.

Reading the reviews on it seems a lot of people bought it for a 2 year old so I hope we have done the right thing buying it for a 3 year old, considering that Aaron is VERY tall too!!!

I will get you great photos and video shots hopefully if it turns out we made the right buy.

Aaron spent a lot of times climbing on the toddler beds.  Given that he is still in our room, and his room is yet to be decorated he was fascinated with the beds.  He liked the Fireman Sam bed linen, and when he was climbing on that bed, I said "would you like it?" he said "yes" so I said "you don't want to sleep with Mummy and Daddy anymore" and he said "I want to wake up here" referring to the bed.

Looks like project decorate bedroom needs to urgently get underway!

Liska xx

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