Monday 12 August 2013

News Mum Online - it's been too long

So it was about time that I dusted down my News blog post and did a new one.

So a lot has happened since my last #NewsMumOnline, but let's just focus on what's current with Big Brother shall we.

So, first on the agenda

WHAT THE FRACK IS GOING ON?  Mother Jones gives you an interesting read, as does The Daily Shame - still think fracking is a good idea? Perhaps not eh!  Oh and another read for you: Energy Industry accused of Suppressing Fracking Dangers - Finally Children Banned via Gagging order from Talking About Fracking!  ALL FOUR of these Fracking links came to me from @RADQ on Twitter if you would like to add him to the people you follow on Twitter.  I'd say those 4 links are a lot more informative than the top line Daily Mail fracking artcile that David Icke is touting: David Cameron Says Fracking will Create 70,000 jobs

and then over to the good old smart phone, or rather the smart bin

HAD YOUR MOVEMENTS MONITORED PASSING A BIN RECENTLY - the future for technology is endless and I'd say this is only the beginning. The Independent explains how London bins are tracking your smart phone. As if tracking your movements via your Oyster Card was not enough already.

HEARD ABOUT THE EU CHANGES WITH REGARDS TO BANK ACCOUNTS - if not, then you must have a read of this: The new EU Bail In Law

OPRAH WINFREY the BILLIONAIRE was told SHE COULD NOT AFFORD A HAND BAG IN SWITZERLAND - did that news pass you right by? Have a read here: Oprah Winfrey Victim of Racism?  Anyone else think she should copy Pretty Woman and go back in there and say "big mistake, huge!" ha ha!

SIMON COWELL to be a DAD - I heard about it a week ago, but as it was only from one source, I didn't say anything, even on Twitter but now it seems even The Sun is talking about it. So is he finally going to be a Father? He never did marry that lady he was engaged to and now this mother-to-be is someone completely different.

Any othere news that has been interesting YOU? Let me know and I will include it.

Liska xx


  1. I heard about Oprah and think its ridiculous they refused to sell her a bag based on appearance. My mr has been into the jewellers straight after work a few times to treat me and been ignored due to his clothing whereas he earns very good money. Hate the judgements people make about image! x

  2. The whole deal with Oprah is shocking! I think its horrendous how stores make you feel at times, regardless of the fact that you have the money to be there!


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