Monday 12 August 2013

Park Tours #MotivationalMonday

Sorry the blog's been turned off for a few days.

Thanks Rachel for wanting me to come back :-)

What better way to make a bloggy return than with Motivational Monday:

Motivational Monday

With me being a stay at home mum, Aaron and I get to go to a lot of parks.  There's one we go to again and again and again, but whenever Daddy and the car is available we like to get a bit intrepid.  Yesterday that saw us in Markfield Park.

We went to the slides and swings part obviously, whereas pre-baby I would have headed straight for the cafe.  We ended up there for hours but it was fine as there was lots to do and lots of nice children/parents.  Once they are out of the buggy, they get to the slides and swings as quick as they want, i.e. the minute they are in sight, even if it's a park they don't know, they're off like a racing car.  I can't even keep up with him now!

Just as we were about to get in the car to go home, Daddy remembered we had not taken Aaron to see the skate boarding area, so we headed in there.  Given that he now has his first bike he was fascinated, but whenever there were real stunts going on, we had to keep him well out of the way.

It was great as there were not many people in there and they were all on bikes, so really perfect for Aaron to watch.  Now he keeps saying "I want to do tricks".

What I personally loved about the stunt area was the grafiti.  Really well done.  I know it ruins high streets but in the right place it looks superb:

Aaron just happened to be in his Spurs kit yesterday, which was perfect given the area that we were in.

I love the efffort that they have gone to in the park with the floor painting. Look:

That's not all there was also all of the months of the year and a clock thingy:

His Aunt bought the Spurs kit for him for his 1st birthday and he is now 3 and it still fits........

I really ought to do a blog post about the fact that we were in Hampstead Heath all day Saturday but I need to spend quite some time on that post.  We went on a spectacular Tree Walk.

Bye for now,

Liska xx


  1. Welcome back and thanks for the link.

    1. My pleasure darling you are always so good to me, and I always feel your presence in the bloggy world, like a stalwart xx

      Just checked and it does mean what I think it does #phew

      stal·wart (st├┤lwrt)
      1. Having or marked by imposing physical strength.
      2. Firm and resolute; stout.
      1. One who is physically and morally strong.
      2. One who steadfastly supports an organization or cause: party stalwarts.

  2. Lovely post! Don't boys always want to be adventurous and do what the big boys are doing?!

  3. Welcome back and am so glad you joined in with Motivational Monday

    That park does look fab and I agree that the graffiti is really something. It is good that they do tricks at your park - as kids just seem to climb over our half park and no-one really does anything on the bike ramps. Thank you for sharing what looks like a very fab day out.


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