Tuesday 20 August 2013

Planning for Halloween

When I walk around I see a few tell tale Autumn leaves.  Yes it might be 23 degrees today and planned to be 26 on Friday but you can feel the cold wind of Autumn gathering pace if you have your windows open at night.

People with children of school age are busy buying uniforms, and there are those already planning for Halloween and Christmas, neither of which are far away.

I tend not to think about the future, which is good as I live for the moment, but it has its pit falls, and clashes with hubby who is always thinking about the future.

Aaron likes to watch slightly scary things, with Spiderman, and Teenage Ninja Turtles being his latest current favourites.  I lose track of his favourite TV channel now, he has been through so many.  CBeebies was a VERY long time ago, hence his lack of interest with the stage at Lollibop. Thank God for Little Tikes, Lego Duplo and Wow Toys.  I know there is a scary bit on TV, even if I have my head down on the laptop, as he will suddenly be behind my chair, but peeking, of course! Like we all did when we were little; you can't possibly miss a bit!

So, this is the first year I think he will UNDERSTAND Halloween.  2011 when he was 1 year and 4 months, we had his Baptism and party at Halloween, but didn't have a theme, as it was in our Catholic Church Hall and the priest was against that. It did mean we had lower numbers though, as we announced it short notice and people were at Halloween parties.  I just looked on my blog for a post about the baptism, and even though we got AMAZING photos that day (I used a professional photographer) I didn't do a decent post about the baptism, and instead just wrote a post "It's my party and I'll suck if I want to" as Aaron drank a bottle in the party and got criticised for it, ironically by someone whose grandson uses a dummy.  Aaron doesn't use a dummy and hey, here we are two full years later and he still has a bottle first and last thing.  I am happy with it. I have got over the feeling of worrying what other people think, but that is a post in itself.

Back to the topic at hand:

He did dress up though for nursery's fireworks party, that same year, in 2011, and then last year we went again and the nursery staff were wondering why he wasn't dressed up.

Can't make that mistake again this year, as he is back at nursery from September, and no doubt they will have a Fireworks party again.  We'll also keep our ears to the ground for any Halloween parties.  MAYBE for the first time ever we will do trick or treating.  I want to plan ahead regarding what he might wear.

I could just imagine Aaron in this actually: (it's only 13.99 GBP here)

But I am going to check out the girls and boys Halloween costume section for something a bit more ghoulish!

I'd say this would be a bit more time specific and appropriate for Halloween:

Nice and smart and Daddy would love it too.

The above is like a posher more grown up version of the last time he wore that outfit.

I think I may just order one of the above if only for the wine!

He didn't really understand Halloween at all back then in 2011, but he would now, so I will have to get ready to answer all of his questions.  He's good at talking to anyone and not shy at all, plus he melts people's hearts, so I reckon he would simply love trick or treating.  Is it safe? Do you have any experience of it? My only problem would be that I would be frightened that a dog would come out of one of the houses.

I know Halloween is big State Side, so hello if you are reading from there.

It is a lot more commercial now in the UK, but nothing like America.  You can't miss it though with all of the bunting that will be up in cards shops.

Actually that reminds me, last year our neighbours had pumpkins on their windowsill and Aaron kept saying, everytime he saw them "I like cumkins". Hopefully he will say it right this year.

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