Sunday 18 August 2013

The Ordinary Moments - a special photo of my boy

There is a new linky in town.  Mummy Daddy Me has started The Ordinary Moments

mummy daddy me

This is her post for this week, where you link up if you want to participate.

This is week 1 of the linky and I am going to TRY and join in every week, as there are linkies I LOVE and ADORE and yet I am always so fickle, so VERY inconsistent.  Let's try and make this one I do every week.

It didn't take me long to decide which photo to include.

It is this one from yesterday:

We have just got on the train, it's yesterday and we are on the way to Lollibop, but out of 211 photos THIS one is the MOST ordinary.  Or is it?!?!?!?

I have picked it for so many reasons as follows:

  • It is the first time I have seen for definite that my toddler is now a BOY!
  • Look at the light Vs dark.  The sun streaming in and highlighting his foot.
  • Look at the position of his left mellow hand.  I taught yoga for 38 of the weeks he was in the womb.  I think it has stayed with him.  He has the ability to be meditative, despite usually being a full on loon, with too much energy!
  • He's gone into a world of his own.  But I captured it.  It's special.  It shows the essence of my son.  My still, thoughtful, meditative son.  Comfortable and at ease, knowing he is safe with Mummy and Daddy, on a train he often travels on.  Comfortable that although we are going somewhere new, he trusts me that we'll have fun.
  • Wearing a shirt that fit him last Summer too.
  • It's the first day in weeks that it's been windy and cool, so he has a long sleeved shirt underneath.
  • The sandals haven't been worn in a few days for the same reason.
  • The plaster tells a tale of a scraped knee as he went downhill  on his new balance bike when we spent the day in Hampstead Heath last Saturday when he'd only had it about 5-6 days.  Silly Mummy for taking her eye off the ball and letting him.
  • He's MUCH browner than he is in Winter but then we have FULLY enjoyed the heatwave and had our paddling pool out everyday that it was hot.
  • His hair is oiled up with coconut oil and for the 1st time in ages is free of tangles.  Mummy trimmed the dead ends out too.
  • He's looking handsome and showing some signs of the man he will one day become.
I love you Aaron.

Mum x


  1. Liska, this is so lovely. The first thing I was drawn to was his plaster- I did think that it is something you will so want to remember when he is little- the scraped knees that are such a part of childhood.
    He is definitely a handsome boy. I hope you enjoyed Lollibop, it seems like everyone on my timeline went. We will have to try it next year. x

    1. The plaster was ready to come off finally Sunday or Monday and then he had a bad fall on the same knee this Tuesday. Except this one was structural and not just a cut.... I have many years ahead of bruises and plasters. Hope like me, he never breaks a bone - touches wood!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting AND for a FAB new linky idea which will be very popular indeed me thinks xx

  2. lovely photo Liska, and I also noticed the plaster the first time I saw this photo on your facebook - so much a childhood thing - lovely linky I must go and join in x

  3. I love your reasons - each one a poignant gem to go with this fabulous photo. I also find that the ordinary moments captured are often more moving than the action shots and poses.

  4. Loving the plaster on the knee - my eye is drawn straight to it in the shot. My boys always seem to be scraping their knees and this image looks like a typical little boy going out to explore the world. x

  5. Ahhh it is a lovely photo, him gazing into the distance. I know I only see him in photos but he really does look like he's shot up! Lovely pic and ordinary moment.

    1. yep, he's definitely turned into a string bean!

  6. Awwww, such a lovely photo. The main thing I see in this photo is what you said about him being a boy and not a toddler. Just look how long his legs are!!! Scary how that seems to happen right before your eyes. x

    1. He'll be more than ready for nursery in September. Can't wait to see what everyone thinks, there and in Ireland x

  7. I love how much you see in this photo, I need tom try this with my kids. A glimpse of who they are and who they will grow into too. beautiful. Mich x


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