Friday 16 August 2013

Said It Saturday Week One #SaidItSaturday

I don't know about you but I don't make a note of the things that Aaron says, and I regret it then when I forget them.  He comes out with CLASSICS and I want a place to record them.

This week I have made a note of three but there have been some other diamonds that have gone into the ether unrecorded.  Hopefully the discipline of this weekly linky will have us noting and recording them for posterity.  So without further ado, here is Said It Saturday #SaidItSaturday.

Over to Aaron.

At Prezzo yesterday he must have told me 20 times that he wanted garlic bread.  Luckily enough on the children's menu (the three pound fifty one) the starter just so happens to BE garlic bread.  But when I asked him what he wanted for his main, he authoritatively says "I said I want garlic bread" - I guess you'd have had to have been there, but to hear this little 3 year old being so forward, well it is still a novelty.  I know after a few weeks I will start to think it is cheeky.  But he got the "I said..." habit from me, so he is being a mirror to me and so far I am finding it cute rather than precocious.

The garlic bread was that flat delicious sort - you know the type!

When we were at the Princess Diana Memorial Playground - also yesterday - he was sat there whilst I rubbed sand off his feet and put socks and shoes on (at his request so that he could go on the Pirate Ship).  I took the opportunity to chat to my SIL.  Apparently he had been asking me to rub sand off his knee/thigh but I was so deep in conversation I had not heard my little Prince boy.  He then said "Mummy you never listen to me!".

My SIL laughed and laughed and laughed.  While I was laughing she said "did he get that off his Dad?" I was laughing so much I did not answer, so she guessed and said "YOU say it to him!"

Yes that's what makes it funny, I ALWAYS say it to him and now he is parroting it back to me!

And the funniest one comes from tonight.

It took me till 11 p.m. to get him to sleep which is crazy as we have an early start tomorrow.

Anyway he had me in the kitchen for the 100th time on the pretense of needing something.

He was doing the oddest funniest line dance over and back the kitchen.

I stopped myself from laughing as we'd been in bed since 20:30 with me trying to get him to sleep so I was too at the end of my tether to laugh.  Instead I said "What are you doing?"

He just smiled, looked up, carried on dancing and said "I am just dancing to make you laugh".

Yes of course you are.  My cheeky little adorable monkey!!! Who is now finally asleep :-)

I was just reading over this post and then checking my phone where I typed his 3 comments in earlier to check I had them all and post post edit.

He actually said

"I am just dancing to make you happy"

Which. Actually. Is. Way. Cuter.  Also it matches reality.  Lately he has a THING about me being happy.

I was in a bad mood the other day, and I got a lovely email from my husband.  While I was reading it I glowed and somehow Aaron picked up on it and he said "Mummy you happy now?"

Bless my little man.

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  1. I love the things tots say, they are fantastic comics xx

  2. Sounds like he is taking on a lot of why other people say. Very observant :) x

  3. Children are like sponges, we have to be so careful what we say in our house. My 8 year old is like a mini me and my 2 year old copies everything! This is a great post. I have linked up a really old one but it never fails to make me smile x


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