Monday 30 September 2013

A Late #SaidItSaturday

I have been totally naughty and failed to do #SaidItSaturday on the last THREE Saturdays.

My excuse for 14th September was that I was at my favourite cousin's wedding that day.  We were in Ireland for 10 days.

Here's Aaron and I on the day of the wedding:

Yes, my nose is a bit pointy but I thought I would share it with you anyway.

You know what, I brought my laptop to Ireland with me, so I really SHOULD have found a way of doing a Said it Saturday post from there, and just scheduled it for 14th September, or better still I should have asked Inside a Wendy House to host for me whilst away, as bless her, she carried on with Said it Saturday in my absence on 14/09/13 as she has a great WHAT FRED SAID thing going, which she links up (although sadly there was nowt to link to that day).

Then the following Saturday, 21st September, I ought definitely to have been back up and running but I simply forgot.

THEN naughty naughty naughty me, I forgot again, this weekend, on 28th September.  My brain really has turned to mush!!!

So here is me making amends and promising it will be back THIS Saturday.

Aaron's said lots of diamonds of late but I haven't made a note of them.  Photos help though, so these have reminded me of some recent classics.

This gentleman was brushing water to a drain after washing all the cars in a used car lot.  Aaron wouldn't cross so the man asked me if Aaron was scared of water - I said no, not at all!!!

Then the man told Aaron to FLY over the water.  Aaron held out his arms, looked at the man as if he was stupid and said:
"I haven't got wings - see!"
Then the man put the broom between his legs and said you could fly over on the broomstick.  I was about to intervene and say to the man, "he's never watched Harry Potter so he'll not understand"... when Aaron assertively said:
"I am NOT a witch!"
Anyway, it was a stand off between the two of them for a couple of minutes, which both I and the man (who was a good sport) BOTH found very entertaining.

Then as if the whole exchange was not funny enough already, the man said, "come back and buy a car off me one day" to which Aaron said:
"I can't I am not big enough" 
(you could here a silent stupid hanging in the air).

The man was lovely and said, well come back in 20 years time then!

I love adults like that, who take kids seriously and don't belittle them or get impatient with them.

Unlike today though.... Aaron was standing on his chair on the bus, trying to talk to this lady.  He was in great spirits and he normally captivates people on the bus when he's like that.  Instead she said "where's your Mum?" closely followed by "SIT DOWN".

To which I said, loudly on purpose: "Aaron's she's not a nice lady, sit down properly, she doesn't want to talk to you"

and.... for once in his life he listened... #phew

Normally strangers are lovely....

I am not going to make this a linky (unless you want me to) as I PROMISE it will be up and running and live as a linky THIS SATURDAY.

Liska xx


  1. I shall definitely link up next time.
    I love how his responses are very factual! x

  2. I'll be linking up :) Freddy is also very factual when people talk to him. His grandad always makes jokes about things, calling stuff by the wrong name, and Freddy always corrects him, sometimes in quite an indignant manner. Thankfully my dad is very patient with him. That woman on the bus was not worthy of Aaron's attention. Thanks for the mention :) I LOVE that photo of you and your boy. xxx

    1. Thank you. Really looking forward to What Fred Said. Your Dad sounds like a riot. Nobody's picked up on Aaron's need to be right so haven't played that game with him yet. Thanks about the photo xx


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