Saturday 7 September 2013

Said It Saturday Week 4 - #SaidItSaturday

I think I have caught most of the diamond things Aaron said this week - probably just missed a couple.

During the week I have been typing them up on the "memo" section of my mobile phone.

So here goes:


On Saturday night we went to Tesco and I got him a Thomas book that had a big poster (that acts as a track) as the back, which also came with about 8 trains (they are weeny) - it's great though as it was only a fiver (at Tesco's).  At bedtime I caught him staring at the poster.

He said:
"I've got a problem"
I said:
"What's your problem?"
VERY seriously he replied:
"My sheep are not asleep" 
So so so cute! It was said, as we had put all of the trains in their sheds, and he clearly thought it was an issue that the sheep were running round the field at "bedtime".  I'll have to take a pic of the track so you can see exactly what I mean LOL.


I spent the day at a friend's house on Saturday and Sunday.  He was okay when I left him Saturday morning as he had fun on Hampstead Heath with Daddy.  But on Sunday morning when they dropped me at the station, he was in bits.

I called him later and he obviously knew what I was worried about, as instead of saying hello Mummy he just straight away said:
"I'm not crying anymore!"


Monday night he was VERY nervous about starting nursery on Tuesday (which we are calling school) so he said that he would take his dinosaur to school.  It was very cute when he said it.  I'll have to show you a pic of our Bob the dinosaur so you will understand.


Monday night he wanted to know why Daddy was not in bed, so I said "Daddy has not got school tomorrow like you have".  Then Daddy decided to come to bed and Aaron very authoritatively said:
"You're not going to school, why are you coming to bed!"
We all laughed for ages!


He actually woke up Monday morning and the first thing he said was
"I don't want to go to school" 
you could tell he had worried about it in his sleep.  I was very relieved to be able to say "it's not today, you start tomorrow darling".


On Tuesday evening I asked him what he had for lunch at "school" and he said:
I had cous cous with chicken yummy in my tummy!
He also said he played with water and a wriggly worm.  I checked this with staff a few days later and they do indeed have a plastic thing that resembles a worm!


He also said of nursery:
"I don't like sitting in a circle, circles are silly!"

He made a friend at nursery and played with him everyday, now saying he is his best friend:
"Oliver is my best friend. We been doing kung fu together!"
Aaron does this as his favourite movie is Kung Fu Panda.  I am happy for him that he has found a like minded soul! Bless!


A couple of days ago he was really naughty and Daddy threatened to take a few things.  I said to Daddy he will only care if you take his bike!  That was then threatened and Aaron's reply was:
"I'll go to the shop and buy another"
I reminded him that he has neither money nor a car to get there.  He said:

"I'll take my little car (and imaginary one I think) and I will put the bike in the boot"

Daddy had to hide the fact that he was laughing :-)


Thursday morning when we left here for nursery it was COLD and VERY foggy! We tried to take a short cut across a field and you couldn't see in front of you, as the dew on the grass combined with the fog meant you could only see about 20 feet in front of you. When I tried to get Aaron to go across the field (which we didn't in the end) he said:
"We can't very see! We'll get blown away!"
What was odd about Thursday was despite that early morning chill and fog, it turned into a scorcher of a day at 25 degrees and after I bought Aaron his outfit for the wedding we are going to (from TK Maxx) we went to the park, and it was still hot enough, despite it being 4 o'clock, for him to get a cossie on and go in the splash pond.  He had so much fun!

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Liska xx


  1. Awww he is so cute and it sounds like he is settling in nicely to nursery too. I hope those naughty sheep went to sleep eventually!

  2. Sounds like he's taking 'school' in his stride! It's lovely he made a friend so quickly and hopefully looks forward to going now :) x

    1. He enjoyed Tuesday so much that it was VERY easy to get him there Wednesday and Thursday. In fact he wanted to go Friday too, so thank God we had a play date planned for Friday or he'd have been gutted xx

  3. Bless him. So glad he has found a soul mate to do kung-fu with :) How nice that you are still getting nice enough weather to play in the water. We are all in jumpers up here now...autumn is definitely coming! xxx

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  5. Sooo cute. I really must record the things my little boy says too. I forget to do this and then I forget so much.....

  6. I love that you have recorded all these beautiful and priceless phrases. I really should do the same. Last night while reading Commotion in the Ocean Natty sa, "Look, a whale Mummy. Just like you!"
    "Oh, er, thank you. Why?"
    "Pink cheeks!"

    The whale did indeed have pink cheeks, and long eye lashes! Of course. Just like me :)


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